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Facelift vs. Injectables: What Do They Do?

If any procedure has become synonymous with a person’s desire to look younger, it’s the facelift. Portland-based board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Kathleen Waldorf and Dr. Rachel Streu have watched over the years as the term has gone from describing just the rejuvenating surgery to being used in any situation where something is getting a fresh look.

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Beauty Treatments of the Future

The future of beauty may be closer than you think. Innovations in skin care, makeup and medical spa procedures are changing the ways we turn back the clock. Treatments are becoming faster, easier, and less invasive, and they pose fewer risks of unwanted side effects. So, what are some of the most exciting and promising therapies? Here are our top picks...

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Thinking About A Facelift? Start With Realistic Expectations

Even if you've been diligent about applying the creams, serums, gels, powders and potions du jour from the anti-aging skin care aisle, at some point the over-the-counter remedies can't keep turning back the clock. And when the at-home treatments no longer produce the desired result, it's time to consider...

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