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Healthy Ways To Treat Varicose Veins!

Most women have a fear of the “grandma disease” that is also known as varicose veins that affects more than 30% of women. These are bumpy bluish veins that appear on the legs and ankles, and are something that affect the young and the old. It is a problem that affects not only the health but the confidence of many women who forgo wearing their favorite leg-baring skirts, dresses and shorts to hide the unsightly blue larger blood vessels that that invade their legs and ankles and stick out from the skin like raised tunnels.

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Beauty Treatments of the Future

The future of beauty may be closer than you think. Innovations in skin care, makeup and medical spa procedures are changing the ways we turn back the clock. Treatments are becoming faster, easier, and less invasive, and they pose fewer risks of unwanted side effects. So, what are some of the most exciting and promising therapies? Here are our top picks...

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