Inquiries Relating To Becoming A Regular Contributor, Sharing A Story Or A Scoop Or If You’re A Link Building Agency

Birth & Beyond welcomes inquiries. We welcome your input, point of view, or even just simple questions! Whether you are passionate about being a parent, a parenting expert, freelance writer, or just someone with unique and compelling advice to share? If so, we have great opportunities for you to share with our audience via our website and/or magazine, and please note that we’re also actively looking for guests on our i-Radio Show. Please click here for details and/or email us at

Please remember that we receive many inquiries everyday so we appreciate your patience. If your blog post or guest i-radio idea is extremely topical and timeliness is critical please add “URGENT” to the Subject Line of the email. 

Send all contributor correspondence to Scott Robertson at with Birth & Beyond somewhere in the subject line.

Birth & Beyond Network Contributor: Inquiry To Become A Regular Or Expert Contributor.

We are always looking for fresh, educational and informative articles and opinions for our audience. If you feel that you can share advice, product or service reviews, tips and any related news or trends that may help our audience on a regular basis then please contact us via email addressing it to Scott Robertson, Subject Line: Inquiry To Become A Regular Or Expert Contributor: Birth & Beyond Network Contributor to

Please also provide the following where applicable to you.

  • Name
  • Email
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Blog/Website URL/Podcast URL
  • Number of Monthly Unique Hits/Downloads
  • Social Media Handles
  • A Sample of Your Work- Either via an attachment or copy and pasted into the body of the email or via an existing link.
  • Topics You Like To Cover
  • Preference Blog, Magazine, i-Radio Contributor or All

Please note. Our decision process for acceptance is NOT based on how popular you are but on your ability to connect with our audience and regularly share timely and interesting news and views on various topics or in one expert area.

If Confirmed. Contributor Collaboration.

We will send you a contributors’ badge for your site and create a backlink for your site to connect to us.

We will expect that if applicable you will be open to post our content on your blog/website.

We will expect you to promote your blog post published by us or your guest appearance on our i-radio show via your website/blog and your personal and business social media pages.

We will need a head shot photo of you as well as both a 2-5 sentences bio and a full bio.

You Want To Submit A Blog Post.

If you are interested in submitting an article please read on. If you are a Links Building Company or a Commercial Concern who is looking to share a post with us which is more of an advertorial then please email 

  • Firstly, please submit only articles that have topical relevance to our site and community and do not contain affiliate links. 
  • Please make sure that submissions are written in layman’s terms, and providing information in a way that does not sound self-serving. It is important to us that our audience trust our content as balanced.
  • Note that we reserve the right to edit all submissions. Your original work may be edited to fit our style and we reserve that right. If you wish to review edits to your submission, please let us know.
  • Please include a brief bio, and/or photograph, with your article written in the third person. Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do.
  • We prefer your article not to have been published elsewhere.
  • Please remember that we do not guarantee publication of your article.
  • If we have accepted your article or have written a feature on you please remember that we may not publish your piece immediately. If you would like to know when your piece will be published please contact but note the onus is on you to keep checking in for the publication date.
  • Articles should be submitted by email as an attached MS Word document or as text embedded in the body of the email.
  • Submission of your photos constitutes permission to AME Media Group, Inc. to use, giving credit to you for the image.
  • Photos should be sent as separate attachment, not embedded in the document.
  • Spelling and Grammar. We follow the US spelling. Please use “or” instead of “our” for color, favorite etc., and “z” instead of “s” for organize, optimize etc.
  • Headlines and Capitalization. Use subheadings to separate main ideas within your article. All subheadings and titles should be appealing, and descriptive.
  • Links. Please include no more than 2 links per article; once in the body and once in your byline. Otherwise, include the URL in brackets immediately after the text you’d like to use as the link text. Please let us know if you represent a company that has an included link. We do not publish affiliate links.
  • Images. High-quality and visually attractive images are important in our articles. Please avoid re-scaling images as much as possible as this can reduce their overall quality and clarity. Ideally, all images in an article should have the same width and quality or color theme. Please do not include images in your article, as this can lower the resolution; we can provide images for you if preferred.
  • Call to Action. All articles must contain a strong call to action that helps to encourage conversation.
  • Please send submission to Scott Robertson at with Subject Line: Blog (& or magazine) Article Submission For Birth & Beyond Magazine Com

When Will I Hear Back From You? 

As mentioned above. Due to the high volume of inquiries we appreciate your patience. If your blog post is extremely topical and timeliness is critical please add “URGENT” to the Subject Line of the email. 

Tips On How To Tell Us Your Story

1. Remain on-topic with inspiring, original content.

Please ensure that your ideas and writing are original, and speak to solutions using an inspiring tone or inspirational examples throughout. Feel free to providing research, and running a spell check also goes a long way! If you are unsure, please Google your idea, or ask for assistance before writing.

2. Recommend a product.

Our readers appreciate articles that give straightforward, honest, and reliable advice. This includes recommending quality products – show our readers why and they can solve a problem in the real world!

3. Show your personality.

We sometimes tackle difficult and (to many) embarrassing topics; so by all means add appropriate humor, personality and edginess to your articles. Let your personality shine. This encourages action and inspires confidence across the board. Readers will also relate to you as the expert, learning to trust and value your opinion.

4. Tackle taboo topics.

Go Big! The more thought-provoking that your article is, the better!

5. Give a strong call to action.

Our readers want you to tell it to them straight. Set out what you would like a reader to do after reading your article (e.g. Leave a comment below, tell us what you think, give this product a try).

6.  Word Limits.

Products, Book And Services Review: Word Limit: 300-1500 words.

Personal Stories: Word limit is between 900-2000 words.

Feature Article: Word limit 250 – 1,200 words (some articles may be longer).

Please note:

Regrettably, not all articles are appropriate for us. To help save you time and guesswork, the most common reasons for rejection include unoriginal content or ideas, articles that do not reflect our modern and novel ethic, or articles that are offered for the sole purpose of building a strong back link.

We look forward to sharing great news and views and content from you with our audience soon!

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