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What Comes Before Conception? Your Health

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times of your life, though there are some things that you need to get an order in advance. Preparation for a baby should start months before you are even considering trying. While it is nice to think things like where the baby might sleep, baby’s first outfit, which small cuddly toy is going the cot, and which top of the range pushchair will fit in the back of your car – there are actually some more practical things then you should do for you first.

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Get Fast Relief From Chronic Pregnancy Belly, Hip And Back Pain!

As you mammas out there know, although beautiful, our big pregnant tummies can place a strain on even the strongest mama back!  I have been training pregnancy exercise for the past 10 years and to be fair, most of my mamas have worked very hard during their sessions, but have told me that when they have active days, being on their feet all day, they wished that they could find a comfortable support for their tummies and backs

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7 Common Pregnancy Misconceptions

Between listening to baby books, mothers and mother-in-laws, doctors, and old wives' tales, it’s hard to filter the truth from the misconceptions surrounding pregnancy. Being told what you can and can’t eat or drink is one of the biggest gray areas, especially when new research is released every year revealing more advice or forewarning. 

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