Get Fast Relief From Chronic Pregnancy Belly, Hip And Back Pain!


As you mammas out there know, although beautiful, our big pregnant tummies can place a strain on even the strongest mama back! Even as a fitness fanatic, who has worked on strength training during pregnancy, on occasion I have wished that I could relieve some of the pressure and late pregnancy aches and pains in my hips and lower back.

I have been training pregnancy exercise for the past 10 years and to be fair, most of my mamas have worked very hard during their sessions, but have told me that when they have active days, being on their feet all day, they wished that they could find a comfortable support for their tummies and backs.

Pregnancy Hip and Back Pain Relief

So for the past 4 years I have always recommended the fantastic pregnancy support products of Its You Babe, LLC, invented by Chris Seering (who has an MA in Nursing) , and frankly, every one of my mammas has given me really great feedback about how much the prenatal supports have relieved their aches and pains

So recently, I discovered that Its You Babe has creed a new line of support straps called the Embracing Belly Booster, their most innovative lightweight comfortable wrap that they designed to sit right on the problem area of the lumbar spine and provide comfortable support for a heavy preggo belly!

Heavy Belly Syndrome

I have been training a lively preggo lady, Valerie, who is six month pregnant, and has always been fit and active, but in early pregnancy she developed that nasty nagging sciatic nerve pain and ‘pulled muscle feeling in stomach’ syndrome, that would just not go away!

She steadfastly refused to take any medication, because she is a believer in natural cures and exercise! But Valerie is also a hard-working nurse who is on her feet for 12 hours or more at a time, and even though she is a tough lady, she had enough, and she begged me to try and find a solution!

So I contacted the lovely Chris Seering, who was kind enough to send me an Embracing Belly Booster to try and help Valerie, who said she would try anything.

Relief From Pregnancy Chronic Back Pain

Belly For the past 6 weeks, she has worn the Embracing Belly Booster, and has found that even as her tummy keeps growing, the support has provided her with lightweight and comfortable support during here shifts, even in the heat of sunny Florida! Her sciatica has disappeared.  She has been able to maintain, ad in fact improve her exercise sessions with me too…with no grumbling!

Valerie tells me that she especially likes the fact that the Embracing Belly Booster has an open design, so she does not feel claustrophobic and hot wearing it, and that is lightweight and easily adjustable!

Well, my ELT mammas, what are you waiting for? Keep up your pregnancy exercises, no excuses, they are great for you and baby, but now you have a simple and easy way to take the load off!

You can find the Embracing Belly Booster (retailing for $58.00) at It’s You Babe LLC .  Tell them that Mama Louise sent you!