Jennifer Aniston reveals the secret behind defying figure


At the basis of this limb-bending exercise regime is a combination of yoga and toning exercises which were put together by Jennifer's longstanding friend and personal instructor, Mandy Ingber, who spoke to ABC News about the star's fitness plan.

The duo reportedly work out using Mandy's exercises three times a week which the fitness guru says is "a good baseline for anything that you want to do regularly."

As Jen prepares to tie the knot with Justin Theroux, the star has admitted that yoga is helping her to keep calm. "Yoga helps you prepare for everything," she told E!. "Honestly it's like meditation. It just allows anything that is coming at you throughout the day to be kind of doable."

Quizzed on Jennifer's best moves to tone up, Mandy also reported on ABC that "The tree pose is Jen's favourite".

"She's really good at it," she continued. "It's the ability to be able to find your sense of focus in the middle of a lot that's going on. It runs right through the centre of the body. That's how Jen gets those abs. It's all core."

Mandy also explained that "the thing about yoga is that once you start, developing that mindfulness and that sense of connection to your body, you just want to make healthier choices".

She noted that, while yoga is helpful, Jennifer is also committed to her cardiovascular exercises such as running and interval training, in addition to maintaining a healthy approach to the rest of her lifestyle.

"I think that's important, too," Mandy said before listing Yogalosophy's fitness philosophy in five key objectives:
1. Love your body.
2. Set short-term goals.
3. Make healthy lifestyle choices.
4. Visualise yourself at your best.
5. Give and receive support.