How to balance your hormones naturally?


Every woman is a WONDER WOMAN these days. We are mothers, career women, politicians, wives, sisters, friends – we juggle these different personalities and functions all the time. Every day, we have to be in top condition to give our 100%. There is simply no room to be sick or weak. And yes, even on days we have girly issues – days when our hormones seem to go berserk.

In reality, they do go berserk. On specific days of the month, our hormones are unbalanced, hence, the symptoms of ugly skin, some bloating and feeling moody.

As always, the key is prevention. We already know when to expect those girly issues to crop up. We prepare for it by eating the right foods, doing the right exercises and probably, even avoiding certain tasks that can trigger our being sick.

Diet plays a big role, because we get our nutrients, vitamins and minerals from everything we put inside our mouth. We also get toxins from what we eat so we should know what to avoid.

Generally, we need big doses of calcium, potassium, fiber, amino acids, vitamins and protein, among the many. These will give us energy to fight off stress and fatigue, keep our skin and hair healthy and remove the bloated feeling.

As Wonder Woman, we need to be 100% up and about every day. No need for magic lasso; just the superfoods to keep us in top form all the time:

10 Superfoods To Balance Female Hormones

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