With No Family Left (Or So He Thinks…), What’s Next For ‘Teen Wolf”s Chris Argent?

In Season 2 of “Teen Wolf,” we learned that women were the rightful leaders of the Argent family, and werewolf hunter Chris Argent used to be surrounded by them. His wife Victoria was fierce and determined (and, let’s be honest, CRAZY); his daughter, Allison, was bold yet compassionate. But now, both are gone, and excluding his sociopathic sister, Kate, who’s poised to make her Beacon Hills return, Chris’ family is no longer.

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Teen Kayakers Aid Downed Flyers

Two men aboard an ultra-light airplane on Friday were uninjured after their craft crashed into the Indian River between Rockledge and Merritt Island, authorities said. At first, the teens said they thought it was a large remote-controlled toy that had crashed, but they got closer and saw people. 

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