With No Family Left (Or So He Thinks…), What’s Next For ‘Teen Wolf”s Chris Argent?


He became a kinder, gentler man thanks to daughter Allison -- but could regress without her.

by matthew scott donnelly 

In Season 2 of “Teen Wolf,” we learned that women were the rightful leaders of the Argent family, and werewolf hunter Chris Argent used to be surrounded by them. His wife Victoria was fierce and determined (and, let’s be honest, CRAZY); his daughter, Allison, was bold yet compassionate. But now,both are gone, and excluding his sociopathic sister, Kate, who’s poised to make her Beacon Hills return, Chris’ family is no longer.

When we first met the man with a penchant for silver, Chris was brash, uncompromising and stern, and got his kicks taunting the werewolves around town whenever he could. What’s more, after discovering that his little girl was dating a werewolf, he freaked out and nearly killed young Scott McCall to stop the relationship.

Slowly, though, as Allison assumed a more prominent position among her family’s militia, Chris began to trust her more. As if by osmosis, he became gentler (at one point, it was he who talked Allison down from violent, vengeful behavior!). When he deliberately set beta werewolves Boyd and Erica free from his father Gerard’s grip at the end of Season 2 — even though their leader Derek had given his wife “the bite” — Chris proved he was a changed man.

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By Season 3, Chris vowed to stay out of all supernatural battles, saying he’d been through too much to keep the fight alive. Allison tried to offer some perspective, and said that if he couldn’t fight for his wife, at least he could fight for Allison’s friends. He was reluctant, but when his daughter needed him most, he sacrificed himself to Jennifer, The Darach, to protect the teens. Luckily, Jennifer was taken out before she had the chance to kill her new prisoner.

By the time the Nogitsune had reared its ugly head (seriously, that thing was unsightly) in Beacon Hills, Chris’ tie to Allison was stronger than ever. And when the mythical being captured Lydia, the father and daughter seemed readier than ever for war.

While creating molds for her own brand of silver arrowheads in preparation, Allison took the opportunity to say to her father what she’d never had the chance to say to her mother: “I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us.”

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As you undoubtedly remember, Allison managed to take out an otherwise-unstoppable Oni with her bow. And though she fought bravely, the fight for Lydia was her last, and her death understandably shook Chris to his core. So, considering his long and depressing path, will he change now that Allison’s gone, and revert back to his harsher ways? Or will the impression Allison left on her father be a lasting one, helping Chris to remain a more virtuous man?

JR Bourne, the actor behind the character, told Huffington Post Canada yesterday that when Chris returns to Beacon Hills, he’ll definitely be out of sorts.

“He comes back extremely messed up, confused about where to direct his anger, his vengeance and what to do with it,” he told the site. “Season Three, he started to be passive, not get involved. He attempted that, but that didn’t go over well. Now he’s back, it’s ‘What the f**k? What do I do? Where do I go?’”

“…He is no longer a father and he is no longer a husband, but there still is a human nature in him, which I think he’s learned because of his daughter being in love with a werewolf,” Bourne added.

+ Check out the trailer for a hint of what to expect when “Teen Wolf” Season 4 premieres Monday, June 23, at 10/9c, and sound off in the comments about what’s next for Chris Argent.

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