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4 Tips To Talking To Your Kids About Your Cosmetic Procedure

The decision to get plastic surgery may be hard, and may even feel a little selfish, but as a woman and mom, it is important to do things that allow us to feel confident in ourselves and our bodies. Whether you’re planning on having a breast augmentation or a full mommy makeover, there are certain things your kids will need to know about your surgery. Here are 4 tips on talking to your kids about your upcoming cosmetic procedure. 

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All Healthcare, No Time: Taking Care Of Yourself When You’re Super Busy

If you work in the healthcare industry, then you’ll already know that it’s not a profession for someone who wants to have mountains of free time, especially if you have children. Feeling good in yourself isn’t an impossible task; it just requires a few subtle changes. Soon, you’ll feel more refreshed, relaxed, and more confident within yourself, which means you’ll be able to deliver your best for your patients and your family. Here’s how you do it

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