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4 Tips To Talking To Your Kids About Your Cosmetic Procedure

The decision to get plastic surgery may be hard, and may even feel a little selfish, but as a woman and mom, it is important to do things that allow us to feel confident in ourselves and our bodies. Whether you’re planning on having a breast augmentation or a full mommy makeover, there are certain things your kids will need to know about your surgery. Here are 4 tips on talking to your kids about your upcoming cosmetic procedure. 

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4 Things Moms Can Still Do with Breast Implants

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about breast implants. For example, have you ever heard that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years? Or what about breast implants preventing new moms from breastfeeding? Yeah, we’ve heard that too. The truth is, breast augmentation is a popular and common procedure.

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Mommy's Getting Breast Augmentation: How To Talk With Your Kids About Your Plastic Surgery

If you're thinking about undergoing surgery, let's start with the obvious: You may have to discuss your decision with your children. When big things happen (no pun intended) in the family, kids often notice. Some women are able to keep their procedure under wraps, so to...

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