4 Tips To Talking To Your Kids About Your Cosmetic Procedure

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The decision to get plastic surgery may be hard, and may even feel a little selfish, but as a woman and mom, it is important to do things that allow us to feel confident in ourselves and our bodies.

Whether you’re planning on having a breast augmentation or a full mommy makeover, there are certain things your kids will need to know about your surgery. Here are 4 tips on talking to your kids about your upcoming cosmetic procedure. 

1.       Be honest

While some women may choose not to tell their kids they are undergoing a cosmetic procedure, honesty is always the best policy. The most important thing to discuss with your kids is that you are having surgery and that you may be sore while you recover. According to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein in Birmingham, AL, it’s especially helpful to let your children know what will happen once you return home. Let them know your limitations with lifting, and if you have young kids, explain that you will not be able to pick them up for awhile. Beckenstein also suggests you clearly explain how long the recovery process will take, so your children know what to expect. If your kids are too young to fully understand, be forthcoming, but there’s no need to divulge too many of the nitty-gritty details, unless they ask.

2.       Reassure them

Reassure your kids that everything will be okay, and most importantly, mommy will be okay. Let them know you may be in the hospital for a few days, but in a short while, you will be back to taking care of them and feeling better than ever! Kids are creatures of habit, so it is important to explain any changes in schedule, like staying the night at their grandparents or a friend’s house a few nights or that daddy will be picking them up from practice or school. Keeping these lines of communication open will help to reassure your kids and make them feel at ease. 

3.       Be open to their questions

Your kids may have a lot of questions at one time, or their questions may come up every now and then. Regardless, the conversation doesn’t end once you actually go in for your procedure. If anything, your children may have more questions once the procedure is over! Be sure to answer their questions and keep the dialogue open. The last thing you want is for your kids to feel like they can’t talk to you about something like this.  

4.       Revisit the topic when they are older

When you undergo a cosmetic procedure, your kids may be too young to fully understand, so you might want to discuss your procedure with them again when they are older. A more in-depth and open discussion with teenagers or young adults can help to eliminate many misconceptions that surround plastic surgery. Being open and honest allows your children to form their own educated opinion on the subject. Now that they are older, they may wonder if their own body is inadequate, so be prepared to have a discussion with them on your personal values. During this discussion, be sure to give them the opportunity to express their feeling and thoughts without judgement.

The key takeaway when it comes to talking to your kids about your upcoming cosmetic procedure is to keep an open dialogue throughout the entire process. Although the decision to get plastic surgery becomes more tricky when you’re a mom, remember that it’s perfectly normal to want your body back. Just as we care for our kids and our family, it’s important to care for ourselves and do what makes us feel good.

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