All Healthcare, No Time: Taking Care Of Yourself When You’re Super Busy

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If you work in the healthcare industry, then you’ll already know that it’s not a profession for someone who wants to have mountains of free time. Indeed, it can often feel like you’re constantly up against the clock, always rushing from one place to another, especially if you have children that need looking after too. With so little time, it can seem impossible to feel at your glittering best. But take a step back, and you’ll see that feeling good in yourself isn’t an impossible task; it just requires a few subtle changes. Soon, you’ll feel more refreshed, relaxed, and more confident within yourself, which means you’ll be able to deliver your best for your patients and your family. Here’s how you do it.


Get Your Rest

If your body is always tired, then you need to be getting more rest, and that’s all there is to it! It’s not always easy finding time to have an extra nap or to get a full night’s sleep, but we usually have more opportunities to do these things than we realize. If we’re well organized, then we won’t need to spend longer than necessary getting our life in order; and in the process, we might just find that we’ve managed to free up thirty minutes throughout the day - the perfect amount of time for an afternoon nap. Also, see how you’re spending your time at night; instead of watching television, would you be better served by going to bed an hour earlier than normal?


Work Up A Sweat

Now, of all the thing you’ll feel like doing after you’ve finished a long shift, it’s unlikely that ‘exercising’ is going to be towards the top of your list. But before you discount the idea altogether, keep in mind that there’s a lot of value to putting on the running shoes and working up a sweat. You’ll be giving yourself more energy for starters, and you’ll also be ensuring that you’re kept in good overall health - but, as a nurse or doctor, you probably already know that. It’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits when you’re super busy, but it’s worthwhile taking the time to exercise.


Look and Feel Your Best

The healthcare industry isn’t a fashion show; you’re there to get the job done. But while this might be the case, it’s also true that you’re going to feel more confident, and more yourself, if you’re well put-together. Figure out a quick morning beauty routine, one which, after a few days, you’ll be able to complete blindfolded. You can also visit, and find scrubs that are both stylish and comfortable. If you’re feeling secure that you’re looking at your best even when you’re super busy, then you’ll naturally have an added bounce in your step.

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Learn Simple Meals

When you’re time is so precious, it’s tempting, oh so tempting, to opt for a takeaway meal or something equally unhealthy. While this is fine from time to time, if you’re taking this option all the time, then it won’t be long before you’re beginning to feel a little bit less than your best self. But here’s the thing: no matter how little time you have, there’s also time to make a healthy, delicious meal. Because believe it or not, healthy eating doesn’t have to equate to “long cooking time.” Get a few quick staples under your belt, and you’ll never have to worry about not eating well.


Learn to Say “No”

If you’re one of those people who always jumps to say “yes” to social invitations, or to requests for help, then it should come as no surprise if you have no free time. While it’s noble that you want to help people, and have a good time with people, it’s important that you don’t say yes every single time. There is power in having the ability to say no! If you’re suffering from FOMO, then learn how to conquer what is only a fleeting feeling; it’ll be one of the best weapons at your disposal when it comes to having more free time.


Tech Free: Disconnecting The Wifi

Technology is, overall, a positive thing. But it’s not perfect, and it’s very easy to misuse our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on. When we get home to relax, we might automatically get out our smartphone and see what’s going on in the world, but this is unlikely to help us relax. Indeed, it’ll do just the opposite; all those buzzing flashes and the dim of the screen will send our minds into overdrive. If you have an evening to yourself, disconnect the wifi, light a few candles, and get that incense burning. You’ll feel much more relaxed and refreshed, especially when compared to what your Facebook feed will give you.


Make Time For Your Pleasures

You had a life before you were run off your feet, didn’t you? There were things that you enjoyed doing, hobbies, trips, and so on. While it might seem like they’re just part of your old life, the truth is that there’ll be space to make them part of your current existence! But they’re not just going to fall into your lap, as they did in the past. You’re going to have to will them back into existence. Whether it’s hiking, cycling, reading, painting, or anything else, carve out some time to practice your hobby. It’ll do you a world of good.


Using Your Free Time

You’re not going to be looking after the needy and sick all the time. You’re going to have days off, and vacation time to use, too. When these times roll around, make sure you’re using the time wisely. When you only have limited time away from work, every second counts! If you have a weekend away, then use the time to refresh, perhaps by taking a trip to a nearby scenic spot. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.


Cut Out The Time Wasters

How are you spending your time? There’ll be hours when you need to be at work, times when you need to look after your children, visit the shops to get the essentials, and so on. But it’s also likely that you’re doing many more things that do nothing but waste your time. Are there ways to use your time more efficiently? Keep track of where all your hours in the day are going to, and you might just find that you’re able to free up an hour or two, which, when you have no time, is no small matter.


Work Out Your Priorities

Once you’ve cut out the time wasters that are holding you back, you’ll be able to figure how you do want to spend your time. What are your priorities? What do you value? It’s about figuring out what you need to be happy. While some people search a long time to figure this out, sometimes the answer is right in front of us the whole time. For example, it might be that you’re happy if you’re able to dive into the ocean or cook a delicious home-prepared meal. These usually aren’t complicated things to make a part of your life, but, because we don’t make them a priority, we neglect to do them. Make them part of your schedule, and you’ll feel your mood improving in no time at all.

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Slow Things Down

We’re going to naturally fall in sync with the way we’re treating our life. If we’re forever running from one place to another, then it can’t be any surprise if our mind and body feels frantic and ill at ease. Instead, why not try a different approach? If you just slow things down, you might find that things begin to feel different. Walk more slowly, take care to handle your items with slow, deliberate movements, rather than hurriedly grabbing them, and you’ll be on your way to changing your perception of time. It’s much easier to slow down than we think - and we’ll feel better for it, too.


Stop Telling Yourself You’re Busy

Some people like to tell others that they’re really busy, because, for reasons unknown, they think that it’s a badge of honor that they should wear. In reality, all they’re doing is reinforcing an image of themselves. And when you keep doing that, eventually you come to believe it! Instead of doing this, you can begin to tell yourself that, while you have a lot of things to do, you’re not too busy to enjoy life.


Accept Your Life

With that being said, there’ll be times in your career when you really don’t have as much free time as you’d like - or any, for that matter. When those times arrive, it’s best not to fight against your schedule too much. If there’s no wiggle room, then there’s no wiggle room. Accept your life for what it is, and go with the flow. You’ll find it much easier to handle - providing things get better eventually!