The Cheer Checklist - 6 Tips For Planning a Christmas to Remember



Christmas is a magical time, don’t let it become overwhelming. If you plan properly you can take any unnecessary stress away and make this Christmas the best yet.


Get Your Shopping Done

 Aim to get all your Christmas shopping done by November 30th. That way you can enjoy December and the lead up to the Christmas season with the reassuring knowledge that all your Christmas gifts and bought, wrapped and under the tree waiting for Christmas morning. It will make a world of difference and also help in building that important anticipation.



 Christmas is all about creating and feeling the magic of the Christmas spirit. It’s what all those Christmas based romantic comedies are about - that special, love-filled time of year when everybody is happy and generous (before returning to being the grumpy people we usually are).

So, especially if you have children, build some magic. Collect Christmas lists, write letters from Santa complete with postage stamps from the North Pole. This is also a great idea for the workplace, because adults love to feel included, or returned to the childish Christmas magic. A manager or boss is in a parental position and can act as the one in communion with Santa. Bring the magic alive and it’ll be a special Christmas.



Anticipation is what makes Christmas so exciting.

There’s something wonderful about looking at wrapped presents sitting underneath a Christmas tree. Sometimes, it feels like we have been waiting all year for the holiday season to roll around again, and maybe some people literally have.

So, get into the mood early.

Try to have your shopping done by November 30th so that you can have presents under the tree for the whole of pre-Christmas December. Decorate your house with your family and plan what is going to happen in the few days surrounding Christmas as well as the big day itself to get everyone excited and is waiting in anticipation.


Try a Theme

 Whether that’s a colour scheme or the theme of ‘Let It Snow,’ having a theme to your Christmas can give your house some continuity and make it look beautiful for Christmas lunch. It also gives you some creative license while decorating and allows you to go all out if you want to. Having an old Christmas jumper theme is also a good way to get extended family and friends dressing up on Christmas day.


Set a Budget

 The last thing you want to feel come December 27th is remorse for having blown the budget out over the Christmas. One key thing to remember here is that Christmas is not an emergency or unexpected circumstance.

You can see it coming. Even the department stores give you huge amounts of in-your-face warning signs to let you know that the season is approaching. So don’t let yourself get caught out doing last minute shopping and blowing your budget because you weren’t prepared.


Organise Special Christmas Cards

 In this fast-paced technological society of emails and internet, it’s still so special to get Christmas cards delivered through the mail in ‘hard-copy’. And the season is all about giving, so plan to have some nice cards made up of your own, ready to be mailed out in early December (not left sitting on the hall stand ready to be posted until Christmas Eve). Cards with family photos, or pet photos, or kid’s drawings, can all make great Christmas cards. Just make sure to organise them early and avoid any sort of rush.

The most important thing about Christmas is to enjoy the time spent with family and friends. So, avoid leaving things to the last minute, don’t stress, and enjoy the gift of giving.