Sweet Ways to Incorporate Your Children in Your Wedding

If you are getting married and you already have children, you will no doubt want to incorporate them into your special day. However, it can be difficult to know how to include them into the planning. You already have a long list of things you need to attend to, and you will want to give your children something special to do without them creating a longer list of activities to put on your shoulders. Read on to discover some suggestions on how to include your kids in your wedding...



●        Have them as your ring bearer and/or flower girl – Let’s begin with the most obvious option; choosing your children to be your ring bearer and/or flower girl. This is a classic way to ensure your kids play a key role on the day.

●        Get them involved in the first dance – It can be a lovely idea to have a first dance as a family, rather than just you and your partner. You could start off with a slow love song, and then the DJ could switch the track into something unexpected. Your children can then come out and join you in a fun dance routine.

●        Include them in buying your wedding bands – Your kids will love being included in the process of buying your wedding rings. Of course, there is always the risk that they may suggest something with multi-coloured stones or an over-elaborate design, but surely you can guide them in the right direction. There are websites like Frost NYC that have a wide range of unique wedding rings for sale online. This is a much easier way to shop when you’re including your kids in the buying process. Set them in front of your iPad or computer and they will be busy for hours!

●        Write them into your vows – Recognising your children in your vows is one of the easiest ways to make them feel special and included. It is vital to remind them that you are committed to being a family; not just committed to one and other.

●        Include them in the cake tasting – You will instantly become the best parent ever if you let your children have cake for lunch! Showing your kids that you care about their opinions will make them feel included, and they are bound to love the task of cake tasting more than most of the other wedding-orientated tasks.

●        Include them in DIY crafts – This is a great way to plan things with your children while also knocking activities off your wedding checklist. There are lots of simple craft tasks that are bound to keep your children entertained, including stamping envelopes, putting together favours and welcome baskets, and writing your guests’ place cards.

●        Put them on your cake – Not literally! The traditional wedding cake topper is to have a bride and groom. Why not give this an update and set children cake toppers on the icing too? This is another great way to show that your wedding is not just about you and your partner uniting; it is about the entire family.

●        Have them give you away – If your dad is no longer here to give you away, or you are remarrying and your dad has already walked you down the aisle before, you may want to consider getting your child to walk you down the aisle. In fact, Loverly has some great suggestions regarding alternatives to having your father walk you down the aisle. Or, why not get them to walk down the aisle before you and your dad? After all, there’s no rule that only one person has to walk you down the aisle.

●        Invite some of their friends – Another way to create more excitement about your wedding day for your kids is to allow them to invite a friend or two. This will give them a new sense of responsibility; they will almost feel like it is their own event, and this is something that most children love! Plus, more children means more energy, and so they are bound to bring more fun and vibrancy to your special day.

●        Give them a seat at your main table – If you are planning on having a sweetheart table, you may want to think about going for something a bit bigger. Chances are your children won’t be thrilled about being seated with other people. They’d probably love to be at either side of their parents. Of course, if you think your children would prefer to sit with other kids, arrange this instead. You could have a designated children’s table instead.

●        Let them get ready with you Getting ready for the special ceremony is one of the most important parts of the day. It is like the party before the party. You and your bridesmaids will likely be getting together so you can get your hair and makeup done. If you have a little girl, she would probably love to be a part of this. Getting some lipstick put on and her hair curled with her mum, what could be better? If you have a son, he’ll love getting ready with your fiancé and feeling like one of the men.

●        Ask them what they would like to do – Last but not least, one of the easiest ways to include your children in your wedding day is to simply ask them what they would like to do. They may have a few crazy suggestions, but you will no doubt be able to agree and find some middle ground. If you ask your children for their opinion on what they want to do, then at least you can be certain that they are happy with their level of involvement.

So there you have it; some top suggestions for including your children in your wedding day. There are plenty of different ways you can make sure that they are an important part and that they feel special. Little touches like including them in your vows can go a very long way.