How Good Pet Care Extends Your Pet’s Life

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How Good Pet Care Extends Your Pet’s Life

Heaven knows, owning a pet can be expensive. Keeping her healthy can be even more so. By making smart choices, you can save your bank account and keep your fur baby healthy and happy. Look at areas where you can make healthy changes while caring for a pet on a budget.

Keep Her Healthy with Regular Vet Care

Don’t skimp on good vet care. You want to keep her healthy for as long as possible, so find a vet who won’t charge too much for wellness exams, emergency visits or vaccinations. Ask about generic medications when she’s ill. They work just like the name brand medications.

Prevent Illnesses with Vaccinations

Pets can easily be exposed to illnesses. Some illnesses are chronic leading to the early death of your pet. Others are acute, such as rabies. Have her vaccinated on a schedule.

Pet Insurance can Cover Expensive Health Conditions

A good pet insurance plan should cover routine vet care, vaccinations and several illnesses. It’s best for animals at a higher risk for some health conditions. Ask your vet for advice.

Spaying and Neutering Guards Against Illnesses

Having your pet spayed can help her to avoid some hormone-related illnesses and even cancer. Sterilizing her means she’ll avoid some reproductive conditions as well.

Good Pet Foods and Illness

While pet food from the discount store is easier on your budget, it may cost more in the long run. If your pet ingests low-quality foods, she’s likely to become overweight from the corn fillers and preservatives. Spring for the higher-quality foods instead.

How Grooming Avoids Illness

If you learn to groom your pet yourself, you may be able to spot infections and other illnesses. Cleaning her ears, you may be able to spot abscesses or yeast infestations; brushing her teeth, you can spot signs that need to discuss with the vet.

Play and Exercise are Healthy

Playing with your pet is much more than just fun! When you play with her, you give her the chance to exercise, use her imagination and work off stress. Use items around your house as toys, such as old towels and empty water bottles. Buy a fishing pole type toy for her to “stalk.”

Barter Services to Aid your Pet’s Health

It may be healthier to have your pet spend a few days with a trusted friend rather than in a boarding kennel. She’ll be less stressed (and not exposed to unwanted illnesses).

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