How To Start A Band On A Budget

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At some point, everyone has dreamt of starting their own band. A childhood dream or a learned passion, many people have contemplated starting a band. However, more often than not, these dreams are never made into a reality. Why is that? Reasonably, it could be because many people don’t have the money or the resources to start a band. Nevertheless, it is possible to start a band on a budget. Therefore, you have to save money to make it happen. Here are the steps to making it happen:


1.      Select the Sound


There are several steps to creating your band. You first need to decide on a genre of music you’re interested in. This is the background research. Think of what styles make you happy, what you listened to as a kid, or even just what you’re good at. Choosing the sound of your band will depend on what instruments are needed as well as the style of musicians you look for.


2.      Put Out a Call for Bandmates


Once you have figured out your sound, you can start looking for bandmates. A tip would be to find people who fit your genre and have the same goals as you. Instead of searching for a larger number of people to join a band, try filling one position at a time. People may be more likely to join if you already have a partial band.


On the other hand, if you already have a group of friends willing to be bandmates, and you can skip this step altogether.


3.      Get Your Gear—And Stay on Budget


The next, and possibly most important step, is finding your instruments. Finding instruments, especially while on a budget, can be a difficult and time-consuming task. You search endlessly to find the best quality items without spending thousands of dollars.

 The best way to start a band when you’re on a budget is to look into buying second-hand instruments and accessories. With today’s online resources, there are numerous ways to purchase used instruments. One of the most expensive instruments to buy is drum sets. Even if you are unsure of what kind of band you want to start or be a part of, percussion instruments will often be a necessary component.


Sites like have various options for used drum sets and accessories. Purchasing instruments second-hand will be the cheapest and best option for a band on a budget. Be aware of the quality of your items and do research into the best deals. It won’t benefit you to buy the cheapest option if they are low-quality instruments. They may not last long and could also have a negative impact on the way the instruments sound.


4.      Establish Your Band “Brand”


A good way to create a brand for your band and to gain free exposure would be to create social media accounts. Often, bands will hire professionals to run their accounts. However, this isn’t always proven to be more successful, and it costs money. By controlling your own social media, you’re utilizing a free platform to spread the word about your new band without having to pay a thing.


5.      Play and Perform


Finally, start playing. Once you’ve gotten your sound, bandmates, instruments, and a brand, the only thing left to do is start playing. You probably won’t make money from shows at first, but you won’t have to spend any either.


When starting off, look for small venues like coffee shops or bars before working your way up. These places will often be accommodating and allow bands to play for free. You may even get tips. Once you’ve climbed the rankings, it’ll be easier to play at venues that will pay you for performing.


Now it looks like you have a full-fledged band. Not only have you started your own band, but you’ve done it on a budget, as well. By purchasing used instruments, you’ve saved you and your band members hundreds or thousands of dollars. Since you also control your own social media, you’ve created a unique brand without spending a penny. Keep playing and eventually, your band on a budget will be making the big bucks.