6 Ways To Support Kids During Their Tennis Tryouts


Since tennis is a safe, non-contact sport that can be played by anyone anywhere, many schools include this sport in their physical education classes and after-school programs. A number of colleges and universities also offer tennis scholarships — a reward that young tennis aficionados will definitely work hard for.


For kids to become one of the top tennis athletes in their school or club and move on to scholarships, ITF matches and other exciting opportunities, they need to ace the tryout first.


Aside from giving them the opportunity to train with some of the best tennis coaches , parents can show their support for their young athletes before and during their tryout in the following ways:


1.    Make sure the kids attend their tennis lessons


Build a schedule that ensures your kid can attend their tennis lessons as scheduled. Ensure that there is time for travel to the venue as well as no conflicts with other activities in the family diary. Select a time where the stress of attending will be minimised to prevent last minute cancellations.


A knowledgeable and seasoned coach will help kids and teenagers learn more and be proficient in tennis since they can provide a lot of technique, tactical, and training assistance.


Budding talent will also benefit more from these lessons if they are encouraged to play tennis after each lesson so that they can apply what they recently learned.


2.    Schedule regular practice sessions with the kids


As already mentioned, tennis is a sport that anyone can play. As such, parents should consider buying a racket and playing with their kids whenever possible. This is a great opportunity to support their development in a fun way for both of you.


Aside from tennis courts located at clubs, a lawn or driveway can also be easily turned into a simple tennis court by placing a net in the middle. 


When parents practice with their children, they help them improve their skills and boost their confidence. In addition, parents will get to bond with their young athletes thereby through this quality time spent with their children.


3.    Help them eat right


Youngsters can gain a competitive edge for their tryout with good nutrition. When kids and teens have a healthy diet, they will be in their top form when they play matches and beyond.


Giving and encouraging kids to eat healthy foods is another way parents can support their young athletes doing well in tryouts. Parents should also remind their children to drink plenty of fluids between breaks and after playing so that they won’t get dehydrated and will have enough energy to sustain their game in top form. 


4.    Ensure they get a good night’s sleep


The night before the tryout, parents have to make sure their children get at enough sleep, between 7 to 9 hours based on age. This will help ensure the child is well-rested and prepared for the tryout.


When a child sleeps early, he or she will feel less stressed and ready for all the activities for the next day. They will wake up naturally, rather than be forced awake by an alarm.


If the child has homework, the parent should encourage him or her to do this early so that he or she can go to bed at a proper time.


5.    Bring the kids to their tryouts on time


Young athletes will always feel nervous before a tryout. Parents can help ease their kids’ worries by bringing them to the venue on or ahead of time.


In case the child is already at the venue, parents should not show up late. The child already has a lot of things on his or her mind at this time. If he or she is expecting you to watch, tardiness is another thing to worry about and it can potentially affect his or her performance.


6.    Remind kids about the value of hard work


Lastly, it is important to explain that even if they are not the best player during the tryout, coaches are easily impressed with young athletes who work hard and take sports seriously.


Young athletes who make mistakes out in the court but take accountability and avoid excuses always catch the attention of coaches. This is a quality that many coaches look for – they want kids who will take directions and are committed to doing everything they can to be better tennis players.


Going through a tennis tryout for the first time can be daunting for many kids, and when nerves get the best of them, they could miss out on their big chance to shine and ace the tryout. Parents can help their children overcome their anxieties and be the best athletes they can be by following the tips above to show their love and support.


Got other ways of showing support for budding athletes before or during a tryout? Feel free to share them below.




Possessing more than two decades of experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, Tony Kouris joined Zayed Sports City as General Manager in January 2018. With extensive career experience, a value on interpersonal relationships, and strong negotiating experience, he is positioned to support Zayed Sports City’s strategic growth and continue to innovate the site as an internationally recognised sport and entertainment destination.