Which Breast Surgery Will Be Best For My Cosmetic Goals?


Strictly speaking, there are three types of breast surgery that women seek out when it comes to altering their figure to something that best helps restore their self-image. The breast implants surgery, the breast reduction surgery and the breast lift surgery. 

The procedure, or combination of procedures, that you ultimately select will be based on a few factors that your surgeon will be able to help you understand.


The matter of size and comfort 

Women who have lived a life with breasts that are considered to be larger for their frame will know all about the discomfort that can accompany a larger chest. The strain on the neck and shoulders can be a lifelong problem for some women. This is often offered as a cautionary tale for women who are wanting to go up several cup sizes. Going too large from a smaller size can have that same impact on the neck and shoulders. 

The goal for any breast surgery should be to ensure both a beautifully natural look and ensure patient comfort levels are maintained.


The matter of lift and placement 

Something that many women may not consider is that they may need to combine breast surgeries in order to get the optimal results. Whether undergoing a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, it may be necessary for your surgeon to perform a breast lift. Quite often there is some thinning and sagging of the breast tissue, as the result of weight loss or after pregnancy. 

What can help you to make the best decision to help you meet your cosmetic surgery goals is to take a look at a breast lift with implants before and after gallery offered by your surgeon. While implants can increase size, they may not be able to give you the youthful silhouette that you are hoping for unless you undergo the lift procedure at the same time. The same holds true with the breast reduction procedure and a lift.


The matter of realistic goals 

When you meet your cosmetic surgeon for your consultation be sure that you discuss your vision and your overall expectations from the surgery. While most women enter into their consultation with a good idea as to what they’re looking to get out of the procedure, it’s important to take into consideration the suggestions that your surgeon will offer you. 

A surgeon who is able to recommend the right breast size and right placement and positioning for your breasts is a surgeon who has your best interests in mind. 

Even with reviewing your surgeon’s past work on previous patients, it’s important to keep in mind that each body is different and each breast surgery will produce wholly unique results. Your results will be your own and breast surgery will not give you the exact breasts as someone else will get.

 At the end of the day, you’ll be the one who needs to be satisfied with the results of your surgery. Whether you’re looking to go several cups larger or perhaps are looking to reduce the size of your breasts, you’ll find that breast surgeries have the potential to completely alter your youthful silhouette and your life.