Cute Accessories For Your Child


Now that the summer is here it is a great time to rethink your style and have some fun with the colours you have in your closet. However it’s not just us who can start to have more fun with colour and design in the summer, and our children can really benefit from being able to play around with their clothes and accessories this year. If you have a child’s birthday coming up and you want to treat them to something fun this year, you can have a little look at our list of accessories.

Fun sunglasses

The great thing about being a child is that you aren’t held up to the same standards as you are when you are an adult. It means that you can wear whatever you want and not be judged for it because it’s all a bit of fun. There are lots of great sunglasses out there and if you fancy treating your child to a fun gift, you could choose ones with a cute design and pattern, or even ones which are shaped like hearts or stars, because why not?

Bright necklaces

One of the things children love to do is dress up and pretend they are someone else. One of the awesome ways you can help your child to do this is buy them something unique from Tomato Superstar. You can choose a cute necklace or chain and this can be a great way for them to roleplay as an adult and have hours of fun in the mirror.

Light up shoes

Who doesn’t love light up shoes? Even if you are an adult, seeing light up shoes in the store is almost too good to miss. Your child will absolute love them and this can be a super cool birthday gift for them. They will be able to head off with their friends and show off their new shoes to everyone!

Costume rings

If you always come home and find your child raiding through your wardrobe pretending to be you, then it might be a good idea to give them a simple option for dressing up which doesn’t risk you losing all of your expensive jewels! You can find costume rings almost anywhere and these can be simple gold and silver rings or something a bit more fancy to let them role play in style!

A bold scarf

There’s nothing better than feeling like a little prince or princess as a child, and one of the accessories which can always help with this is a brightly coloured scarf. Whether you choose a single colour or a bold pattern for your child they will be able to use it in a number of fun ways. They can of course wear it when the weather is cold outside, but they can also wear it when they want to pretend they are royalty! A cute scarf can bring a word of fun to an imaginative child and accessories in general are always a really fun gift to buy for someone you love.