10 Healthy Ways Of Getting Into Ketosis


The ketogenic diet is a good way of losing weight, treat diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, balance your hormones and improve mental cognition. Deciding to go the keto way is a significant step in changing your life for the better. The difficult part is not starting the keto diet but rather getting into ketosis.

When your body begins to burn fats, you are finally in keto. However, getting into Konscious Keto can be a long process. The days seem to be dragging themselves till the time you will eventually be in ketosis. Below are efficient and healthy ways in which you can get into ketosis.

Healthy Ways of Getting into Ketosis


Cutting Down On Carbs

 If you want to get into ketosis first, you must cut down your intake of curbs. However, most people find it difficult to cut down on carbs when first beginning the keto diet. Most people consume a lot of carbs unknowingly in the food they eat.

It is easy for most people to cut down on things like sugar and candy but quite challenging to cut off their favourite dishes like potatoes and pasta. The sooner you cut your intake of carbs the faster your body will eradicate the glucose which it uses for energy. Once your body gets rid of the glucose, then it can become a fat burner.

Start Eating Healthy Fats

Most people who want to shed off weight believe that fats are dangerous, but this is not true at all. Finding good fats will depend on the type of foods that you are eating. One way of eating healthy fats is by going for foods which contain butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. Using oils which are not heavily processed will ensure that you get the most benefit from them.

Use Supplements

Another way of getting into ketosis is by using supplements. There are many supplements which are available in the market today which can help you to get into ketosis healthily. You can get into ketosis within 24 hrs if you use these supplements. Some of the supplements which you can use are the keto salts also known as raw exogenous ketones. However, these salts are said to have an awful taste.

Be physically active

Being physically active can help you to get into ketosis. Exercising is vital in every weight loss journey. Entering into ketosis can be challenging for many people. The body is still adjusting to the diet change so exercising can be hard in the beginning. The key here is for you to keep going and to not give up. Working out daily will not be the quickest way to get into ketosis, but it will surely help you to get there and stay in ketosis for a long time.

Consume the Right Balance of Proteins

A lot of people know that you can lose weight by cutting down your carb intake and consuming a lot of proteins. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you watch your intake of proteins if you want to achieve the best results. You need to take a balanced amount of proteins since too much of proteins will not benefit you in any way. You need to remember that ketosis is about getting the right amount of proteins, fats, salts, and magnesium. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamin A, zinc and if you cook them with egg poacher, this shorter and lower heat cooking method will help retain most of the nutrients in the eggs

Listen to Your Body

 It is necessary for you to listen to what your body is saying. This means that you should only eat when you are famished and not when you have a craving. Our obsession with food is what makes us eat any time we feel like and by now you should know that is not healthy. When you get used to eating when you are only hungry, you will reduce the intake of additional food which your body does not need.

Eat Keto Friendly Foods

An easy way of getting healthy is by eating keto friendly foods and finding keto recipes which are simple to prepare. An easy way in which you can derail from the ketosis is by not having keto friendly foods nearby when you feel hungry or thirsty. If you want to remain in ketosis you can go shop for keto approved foods, find keto recipes which are easy to prepare and also go for healthy keto friendly snacks.

Carrying Keto Friendly Snacks

One of the most challenging parts in being in keto Is staying in the keto diet while on the move. It can be challenging to find keto friendly snacks while at work, at the airport or on the road.

Having the right keto snacks can play a big part in remaining in keto or falling off the wagon. You can use keto friendly snacks such as keto nut bar, nuts and seeds, and keto bars anytime you are on the move.


 Fasting can have many health benefits for your body. The world we are living in is obsessed with food and choosing not to have food for a certain period can have immense benefits. The most common form of fasting is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting allows our body to flush out toxins and increase metabolic rate. Fasting can assist your body to get into ketosis faster and easily.

Have Healthy Foods When Eating Out

It is easy to make healthy swaps when eating out with a friend. You do not have to forego keto simply because you are eating out with a friend or colleague. Most restaurants offer keto friendly foods such as a burger without a ban, unsweetened beverages, and a salad without dressing.


The journey of getting into ketosis can be a challenging one. For some people, it may take two or more weeks to get into ketosis. However, if you follow the above healthy tips, your body will be in keto in no time.