Father's Day: Find Out How Stars Are Celebrating Their Proud Papas!


How are celebs celebrating Father's Day this weekend?
"I hope she has something planned," superhot Hollywood dad Eric Dane told us of wife Rebecca Gayheart. "Hopefully I get to sleep in, wake up and see my wife and two daughters. That would be enough for me."
No gifts? "My daughter brought me home a mug the other day and it looked like she just took a can of paint and threw it at it," Dane added. "And it's the coolest thing in the world."
Hailee Steinfeld will unfortunately be out of the country this Sunday. "I leave tomorrow for Romania and I'm missing Father's Day," the actress dished earlier this week. "But we sort of celebrated last week."

"My little one is going to see a Broadway musical," Debra Messing smiled, adding, "And I'm going to be on the phone with my dad telling him I love him."
Unofficial celeb chef Ali Larter told us of her weekend plans with hubby Hayes MacArthur, "I'm going to Aspen Food and Wine [Classic], so I'm superexcited about that. So I'll be dining all weekend. But I will probably make him steak au poivre and some sautéed spinach."
As for a Father's Day gift, she added, "I'll give him that extra kiss."

Jenna Elfman isn't as prepared as other stars. "Don't remind me!" she recently laughed. "I'm totally unprepared. I'm a great mom, a horrible wife."
We reminded Emmy Rossum to get a gift for her papa. "Thank you because I haven't yet! We'll see," she said.
"My dad doesn't deserve it," Dominic Monaghan joked. "He's kind of a s--t. I'm just kidding. My mom and dad don't like that stuff. They think it's contrived. So if I got them a card or a present, they'd say, 'Don't waste your money.'"