Nick Cannon Reveals Father's Day Plans, Talks About His Twins With Mariah Carey


This year's Father's Day is surely going to be an awesome one for Nick Cannon.

He revealed to E! News that he'll be spending the holiday in either the South France or Italy with Mariah Carey and twins Monroe and Morrocan.

So exactly what do his two little ones do that make him the happiest papa?

"The things that make me smile when it comes to my children are…just hearing them talk. They're little people now, they're opinionated and they sit around and just come up and say, 'Dad, I'm so happy.'"
"Just to hear them say, 'I love you'…brings little tears to your eyes," he said. "Smiles and tears, that's what it's all about."
And when it comes to spending quality time with his children, Cannon revealed that he's just one of the kids himself.

The “AGT” host reveals that he’s spending Father’s Day abroad! Plus, hear what kind of trouble Moroccan and Monroe get into when Mariah isn’t home.
"When mom's home we don't get to roll around on the furniture as much as we would like to," he said. "When she's not there we're all over the place, jumping on the couch and the bed."
"They get to have a lot of physical fun with dad," he admitted.
Now that sounds like one cool dad!