Neil Patrick Harris Talks Kids and Father's Day Plans

Neil Patrick Harris obiviously loves being a dad to a couple of 2-year-olds.
Especially now that his twins with David Burtka are speaking!

"They're vocalizing a lot. They're learning the language, which is really fun," the How I Met Your Mother star tells Katie Couric on Friday's edition of her show. "They can say words and things and it's great because if they say, 'More banana, please, papa,' well, when they say it like that, how can I say no?"

So any big plans for Father's Day?
"We don't," admitted Harris. "I wanted to take David away and have a fun, do nothing on Father's Day, but I think we're just going to be fathers and spend it with the kids.
Gideon and Harper will no doubt be happy to hear that.