Summer Styling Tips For Men


Summer can be a tough time for men’s fashion. Because we can wear dresses and skirts like women do, we can often struggle with feeling far too hot and this can lead to us sticking to a limited choice of a t shirt and a pair of shorts each day. However, there are ways that we can stay looking sharp and stylish during the summer just like women, so here we go...


Better T-shirts

T-shirts come in many different styles, so don’t be tempted to limit yourself to a simple graphic tee like you do every other day of the week. Think about the different styles you can buy such as v neck, form fitting and colour block styles which can vamp up your regular look and make you look more styled and polished each day.


Upgrade the shorts

If you are going to be wearing shorts almost every single day during the summer months you might want to think about upgrading your current pair. Rather than your regular camo print shorts, opt for a block colour such as navy which will go with pretty much every shirt and will look a little smarter when you walk around in the sun.


Shoe liners

To give that extra summer flair to your look, skip the socks. Socks can ruin a great outfit in the summer and the last thing you want is a big white pair of socks peeking over your loafers. Instead, opt for shoe liners which will allow you to stay comfortable all day without your socks being on show to the world.


Smell like summer


Summer style isn’t just about looks, you can also make an impression with the way you smell during the summer months. A summer scent of sandalwood can be a great addition to your outfit and will give off that effortless beach vibe as you walk around through the days.


Wear a polo


Polos are a great alternative to a t shirt on a sunny day as they will look super stylish and they are associated with sport and the summer time anyway. Pick out a polo which suits your personal style and this can be the ideal thing to wear on slightly more formal occasions during the summer such as a party or a meal out.


Go linen


If you don’t fancy getting your yourself hot and bothered in a suit during the summer, you can visit a site like Robert Talbott and look for more summer friendly options. For those of us who work in an office, the dreaded suit on hot days can be a nightmare, however if you swap out for a linen suit you will be much more comfortable. No more sticking your head in the fridge when no one is looking!


Summer style doesn’t need to be too difficult. As long as you find something which is comfortable for you to wear every day, you should have no issues staying stylish and happy through the summer season.