5 Ways For A Dad to Inspire Their Kids


Being a dad and a present one at that is a big deal. Besides the primary job of providing for the children and the family, a father’s role goes beyond putting food on the table. Fathers also take on the role of being there for their children and inspiring them to be better versions of themselves. In the past 50 years, gender roles in the home-front have changed from the old stereotypes that portrayed mothers as nurturing and soft while fathers were the sole breadwinners who took care of everybody else. These  fathers. In this dispensation, fathers need not be overly strict; fathers need not adopt actions that are capable of alienating their kids from them. It is pertinent to note that fathers still cater to their families and are now more involved in the growing up process of their children than ever. Fathers have become a source of inspiration and with the right relationship, automatic role models for their kids.

While one may be bothered about the global prevalence of social decadence, a dad who is present, and in tune with the emotions of his children can inspire his kids to live morally and socially upright. Here are five tips on how a dad can encourage his kids to be the best they can be.

1.      Focus on every part of your kids’ lives

Gone are the days when all a father is usually concerned with are the school grades. Because the father takes care of the school fees, they never want to see any bad grades or hear their kids have any excuses for not performing well at school. Nowadays, the best way to keep your kids inspired is to be holistic about every sphere of your children’s lives. Focus on their health, mind, spirit, body development and every other psychological factor there is. Help them find their strengths and their purpose. Point them in the direction of great opportunities that can help them better their lives such as seeking education or internships in China. This way, they will be able to excel at the things they do without feeling forced or coerced. Keeping your kids encouraged without finding faults in what they do also go a long way in inspiring them.

2.      Be compassionate and teach compassion

Most adults today received tough love from their fathers, and this was very normal back then. Then, a father was not considered strong unless he was tough and strict but these days, there’s a widespread sensitization about being caring, compassionate, lifting others up, and seeing things from someone else’s perspective. So, instead of being the dad that his children fear, be the dad that your children can tell about their fears. Teach them to be compassionate to others without allowing other people to walk over them. Teach them that there is strength in caring for others. You could exemplify this with the way you treat their mom. Show your children that you love their mom immensely; that you would go to any length for her. Children naturally have the tendency of being close to their mothers more, and once they see that you love and respect their mum, it will draw them closer to you too.

3.      Teach them to be social

Being socially intelligent and able to connect with people on a deep level is healthy for everyone. There is this confidence that comes with the profound ability to interact with people. The ability to advocate for oneself in public is quite a valuable skill. Teach your children these things and emphasize the importance of human interaction so that they can avoid being loners who keep to themselves.

4.      Teach them how to cope with life

Stress is a huge challenge for the human race. It is borne out of a lot of things such as inadequate time, too many things to do, unexpected events that throw us off guard, and lots more. Teach your children time management skills, give them lessons on effective relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation, and show them how to deal with things that life may throw at them generally.

5.      Be actively involved in their care and maintenance

Do not leave this entirely to the kids’ mom. Sometimes, take it upon yourself to help them have their bath, dress them up, cook for them. Teamwork is an excellent attribute that helps keep a household together, and as a dad, you’ll be setting an excellent example if you participate just like everyone else. Instill the virtue of sportsmanship in your children – of being good team players and putting in their best in anything they do, be it personal or collective.

Inspiring your kids takes a great deal of presence and active involvement on your part. Do not inhibit their growth process by being a dad that gets in the way of things all the time. Follow these tips and be prepared to have an excellent set of grownup children soon.