A Boy's Best Friend: Ways To Strengthen The Bond Between A Father And Son

A Boy's Best Friend: Ways To Strengthen The Bond Between A Father And Son

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There are few relationships in the world stronger than the one between a father and son. Few people idolize anyone the way that boys look up to their dads. And it's rare to find anyone more proud than a proud father. But father and son relationships can be complicated. As much as they might want to be like their dads, boys can be unsure of themselves. They want to forge their own identities but can do that without guidance. They look to their fathers as examples of how to be a man.

Without a strong bond between a father and son, that guidance can be hard to find. Here are some ways that a father and son and strengthen that bond and bring themselves closer together.

Start A Project Together

This might seem simple but it really can bring a father and son together. Pick a project. A big one at that. It's especially good if it's something you can make or build together. Starting from the very beginning, plan it together, and see it right through to the end. Let your son take the reins sometimes and be there to give advice and guide him. If he gets discouraged, you can be there to help him through the problem. The project should be fun and not stressful. Find something you want to achieve together and work together to achieve it. By the end you'll have an even greater understanding of each other than you did before.

Let Him See You As An Adult

Sometimes it can be tempting to put on the parenting cap every time you're with your son. But sometimes, as they get older, your son will benefit from seeing you as a person. Not only that but it's worth letting them into your life a little bit. Just like you get involved with the things that he likes, let him get involved in the things you like. Whether it's a joining you at a sports game, helping you fill out a free horse racing form or even getting to see you at work. Showing him how you navigate your life as an adult can help prepare him for doing the same when he's older. Rather than just seeing you as a dad, he'll get to see you as a man, and an independent person.


One of the hardest things fathers and sons can do is actually sit down and talk to each other. Men are trained from a young age not to show emotion or weakness. In the end this leaves them unable to express themselves and talk about their feelings. Let your son know that it's okay for him to talk to you about what's bothering him. Whether its school, relationships or even just his hopes and dreams. Be there to support him and listen when he talks. Let him know that you're there for him and you'll find the bond between the two of you become stronger than ever. He'll come to trust you even more than he already does and you'll be able to help him get ready to navigate the strange and confusing world of adulthood.

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