Why Night Guards Are So Expensive

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Night guards’ prices are perceived to very high, although it depends on how you acquire them. Some online sources sell that at relatively lower costs as compared to the ready to wear stores.

At times, the price of the guard can be justified by your dentist, thus giving you a clear picture of what you should expect in the market.

However, if you need a complex guard for a teeth misalignment or sleep apnea, you will have no other option other than to pay the price.

And when you need a traditional custom night guard without the whistles and the brushes, it will be wise for you to know the options you can explore.

Keep reading to know more about the dental night guards. Their pros and cons will help you to weigh whether they are worth it or not.


What Is A Night Guard And Why Do You Need It?


A night guard is a thin, transparent device worn over the top biting surface of the teeth. It is usually worn during the night, or when sleeping to prevent the teeth from touching each other.

Many things take place on our mouths when sleeping, and grinding is a perfect example. As asserted by the American sleep association, bruxism the official term used to refer to clenching or grinding of teeth at night affects 15% kids and 10% adults.

In most cases, you don't hear or notice the grinding since you are deep asleep. It might sometimes be painful and possible, harm your dental health. It can also lead to a permanent jaw disorder especially in chronic cases.

Using a night guard helps in alleviating the negative impacts associated with the grinding.


Benefits of A Dental Night Guard


Dental night guards prevent the following conditions:


Chronic/tension headaches

Continuous grinding causes pressure on the jaws. This eventually leads to headaches.


Temporomandibular joint disorder

This disorder affects the chewing muscles making it hard to eat or chew well. If you have such a problem, consider purchasing the dental night guard.

 Teeth wear

You may not notice that you grind your teeth at night, but your dentist surely will. The protective enamel wears down, thus leaving the tooth prone to discoloration, cavities, fracturing and much more.


Tooth pain

Bruxism leads to tooth pain. It also results in the sensitivity which eventually wears the tooth down.


A dental night guard helps to improve sleep

 Many people who struggle with bruxism clench their jaw aver hard when they are sleeping. This can lead to awful experiences when sleeping. It can also make it impossible for one to rest well even during the day.

Wearing the dental night guards relaxes the muscles and helps you to have a better sleeping experience. This also means that you will be waking up without any pain or teeth tension.

 Prevents snoring

Most people who snore at night grind their teeth. There is a connection between snoring, grinding and sleep apnea.

Using the dental night guard prevents such experiences and by reliving the muscles tension.


What Are The Drawbacks Of Night Guards?

Here are the negative sides of the night guards. Understanding them will help you make a more informed decision of whether to purchase them or not.


The custom made dental night guards are quite costly. You will have set aside a budget for them if you need them.

 Not comfortable

A mouth guard acts like an alien in the mouth. For this reason, it can be uncomfortable for you to sleep with them, especially if it's your first time. Your dentist can, however, make you a smaller one to reduce the effect


Finding the Best Dental Night Guard for You


There are several available options for you if you want a night guard. If you go for the guards sold at the over the counters, that would be an economical option. You will, however, need to keep replacing them regularly.

If you choose the custom made dental mouth guard, it will be fitted and created by your dentist depending on the exact type and size of teeth. The custom made ones are less bulky, comfortable, and highly effective.

They might, however, be relatively costly. The chances are high that they will stay for an extended period.


So, Why Are The Night Guards So Expensive?


As discussed above, the importance of dental night guards cannot be underestimated. Their value explains why they are costly.

You will find that most over the counter dental night guards are cheaper than those sold in dental offices. Before you rush to purchase just because of the lower costs, try to investigate the quality and the comfortability.

Most night guards from dental centers are comfortable, and their condition is excellent, hence the price. When the quality is good, the dental night guard will not only keep you safe from the clinching and grinding effects but also give an excellent impression of your teeth.