Simple Tips To Eating Healthy While On Vacation

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Eating healthy while on vacation is a well-known challenge for many people. While traveling, you’ll want to sample local delicacies every chance you get. If you’re relaxing on the beach, you may want to grab a second or third margarita as a relaxing and refreshing treat. While these indulging moments are part of the experience, you may find your waistline a bit wider when you return home. Luckily, there are some simple ways to stick to a healthy eating regime while on vacation. It may even be easier than you think!


1. Healthy Travel Snacks.

Vacation begins the moment you set foot out of your home and head towards the destination. These means that healthy vacation habits must also start at that moment! One of the biggest challenges while traveling isn’t finding good, healthy food at your final destination - it’s finding it during transit. To avoid temptations in the airport, on long car rides, or even just walking around an urban area, pack healthy travel snacks like nuts and dried fruit mixes, vegetable sticks, and easy-to-grab fruits like apples and bananas. Keep these at hand so whenever you’re craving a snack you can just reach into your bag. Energy bars as well as the additional bonus of nootropics can keep you satisfied as you continue to explore your destination.


2. Three Meals A Day

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should not be skipped just because they interfere with your beach-side schedule. Packing a sandwich or stopping at a food stall at a local market is always possible, so check out the local healthy joints before venturing out for the day. Energy bars and snacks don’t count as meals, but you can use them in case of an emergency.


3. Avoid Fats

If you’re a foodie on a mission to find the best local eats, eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge. But just because you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up these one-in-a-lifetime eating opportunities! Ask locals where the best places to eat are and check out their menus beforehand. Try to find the healthiest options on the menu before you head there. You are of course allowed to indulge on your trip, but doing so every night will no doubt pack on the pounds.


4. Liquid Intake

Choosing sugary beverages over water can seriously jeopardize your calorie intake. Even if you’re on vacation, drinking more than a couple of cocktails a day isn’t good for your health and you’re more likely to feel sluggish the next day. Stay away from sodas and juices and go for a water or herbal tea instead. If your vacation involves exercise like hiking, biking, surfing, etc., then staying fully hydrated and replenishing your water supply is crucial.


5. Balance Is Key

Like with everything, balance is key to eating healthy while on vacation. If you want to taste that delicious Sachertorte cake while roaming through Europe, now’s your opportunity! Have you heard of a good place where to have drinks with friends? Check it out one evening. Just keep an eye on your calorie intake and try to stick to healthier choices in the following day.  Remember: a healthy routine, both at home and on vacation, should be a lifestyle and not feel like a chore.