Using Some String Can Help You Lose Weight?





A slimmer has lost a Pharaoh bit of weight using dieting tips from the Ancient Egyptians.

Tina Oliver, 44, a hairdresser from Harrogate, was inspired to drop the pounds after seeing a photo of herself weighing 19 stone and wearing size 26 clothes about to tuck into a plate of cakes and treats.

The image, coupled with a warning from her doctor that she could become diabetic if she carried on with her dangerous eating habits, was the final push she needed.

So she invested in something that helped her lose eight stone and drop nine dress sizes: a piece of string.

By using a Malory Band slimming aid - a piece of string tied around the waist to stop you eating too much, and shortened as the weight drops - and following the Slimming World plan, Tina, who had tried every diet imaginable in the past, has gone from nearly 19 stone to 11 stone, and from a size 28 to a 10.

Tina said: 'Last September I was so fat I could barely stand, and I struggled to work as a hairdresser. Seeing the photo of me in front of a pile of cakes was the last straw. I looked and felt terrible.

'Then I was warned about my long-term health by my doctor if I carried on eating as I was. It was just what I needed to kick-start me into losing weight and getting healthy'

Tina was given the band by a friend as a motivational tool, and also joined her local Slimming World and the gym.


She said: 'I was so determined. Now I'm looking forward to doing the Great North Run, something I never could have imagined doing. I look in the mirror sometimes and I can't believe it's me.'

It was only in October last year that Tina was told by her doctor told her if she didn't slim down she would get diabetes.

Her teeth were also rotting from years spent munching sweets, cakes, takeaways and chocolate, and desperate Tina had a morbidly obese Body Mass Index of 43.

Then a friend told her about the Malory Band, which is a slimming aid used by the Egyptians to help shrink the waistline and get get back in shape after childbirth .

It fits round the waist and is a constant reminder to the user to watch what they eat, which is tightened as they slim down.

Desperate enough to try anything, Tina decided to give it a whirl, and each week she would tighten the band and follow the Slimming World eating plan - while making regular trips to the gym.

Tina said: 'It saved my life. Before I would live on chocolate, biscuits and crisps all day. I was working as a hairdresser so it was easier just to grab something rather than have a sit down meal.

Tina is now preparing to do the Great North Run after shedding half her body weight

'At dinnertime I'd have a Chinese takeaway or a pizza, and I'd drink cups of tea with two sugars in all day. The only exercise I did was walk the dog.

'Being told I was borderline diabetic wasn't nice. I'd tried so many diets over the years but nothing really worked. This was the shock I needed to act.

'I started using the band and doing Slimming World. Every time I ate I would feel it pinch, and I'd stop eating.

'So as well as me having set meals to follow, as soon as my stomach was starting to expand, the band would kick in and stop me.

'It made me realise I didn't need to carry on eating, and the weight came off so quickly. I was still having a healthy diet, but the band was literally reining me in and helping me lose even more weight.

'I joined the gym too, and the support I have had there has been amazing. I nearly passed out in my induction but I was determined to slim.

'Now people come up to me and tell me how well I have done. It really spurs me on.'

And Tina is enjoying feeling healthier and fitter than ever.

'I could barely walk when I started,' she said. 'Now I can run 10k without stopping - and I'm looking forward to doing the Great North Run.

'I'm so excited about it, and I can't believe that I'm ready to do it. I never could have imagined this time last year that I would be able to walk a mile, never mind run a half marathon.'

Saying that losing weigh has 'totally changed my life', Tina added: 'I can't express how happy I am about losing the weight. I have more confidence and energy and am a much happier person.

'Before, I'd go out with my friends and just want to hide away as they were all so slim and healthy. Now, I go shopping with them and chat about fashion. 

'I wear trendy dresses and look forward to getting dressed up for a night out. I feel young again.

'My husband Michael has always said he loved me no matter what my size was, and now he's thrilled to see me so happy and spends his life outside changing rooms while I try on slinky new clothes!'


And it's not only Michael who is pleased to see Tina so happy and healthy. On recent trip back to the doctor who gave her the scare she needed, he didn't even recognise the new, slim Tina: 'I went back to give him a box of chocolates for giving me the shock I needed.'

'The band was a massive help and having a structured eating plan that was easy to follow was good too. Now I'm training so much, I'm expecting to lose another half a stone'

Now Tina has porridge or muesli for breakfast, snacks on fruit and yogurt, eats a salad for lunch and has fish or chicken and vegetables for dinner. 

And she is thrilled to have hit her 11 stone target and has lost 16 inches from her waist and 15 from her chest and hips.

With the Great North Run looming in September, she's set to lose even more weight.

She said: 'Even though I'm not eating anywhere near as much, I have so much more energy. My skin is bright and I look and feel ten years younger. I just wish I'd done it ten years ago.

'The band was a massive help and having a structured eating plan that was easy to follow was good too. Now I'm training so much, I'm expecting to lose another half a stone. 

'And when I cross the finish line, I'll remember what I was just a year earlier, staring at a pile of cakes, and feel very proud.'