Labour Preparation For The Anxious Mom-To-Be

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If you’re an anxious mom-to-be and you want some tips to help better prepare you for labour, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably had people give you weird and wonderful tips left right and centre, so what’s actually worth listening to?

Read on for some of the most beneficial tips!


Visualize The Birth The Way You Want It (But Don’t Get Too Attached To A Plan)

One of the best things you can do to help prepare you for labour, is to start visualizing the birth as early on as possible, the way that you want it to be. Get all of those thoughts of you writhing and screaming in agony out of your head, and replace them instead with images of you having an ideal birth. One that’s short, as comfortable as possible, and goes completely to plan. However, make sure you don’t get too attached to a plan, as thinking too much about whether it’ll happen or not can make you even more anxious. It’ll happen the way it’s supposed to happen. Just visualize yourself being calm and the baby being delivered safely!


Prepare Your Mind With Meditation

Preparing the mind for labour with meditation is one of the most effective things you can do too. Meditating will help you to visualize better, not to mention focus on your breathing, live in the moment, and become more present. All of these things can help when you are due to have your baby.


Try Special Massage

Massage can help to prepare your body for labour better. Massage of the  perineum could potentially reduce your chances of tearing or needing to be cut open. Of course you shouldn’t do this if your medical professional advises against it, but most people are safe to do so, and find that it helps tremendously. Get your partner to help you to make it easier and more comfortable!


Exercise While Pregnant

Exercising while pregnant can help you to have a much easier birth. You think cavewomen stopped doing everything while they were pregnant? Of course you should modify your workouts depending on how pregnant you are, and you should make sure you’re eating the right amount to nourish yourself and the baby, but there’s absolutely no reason to stop exercising altogether.


Go To Classes

Don’t skip your classes! They’re there to help you and your partner figure out how you’ll best work together when the time comes, how to breathe, and how to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


Consider Hiring A Doula To Keep You Calm

A doula is a woman who is there especially to make you feel at ease and help to keep you calm through the childbirth. A well qualified doula really can make all the difference.

Remember, while you’re giving birth, hundreds of thousands of other women are too. You’re not alone. Every labour is unique, so don’t assume it’s going to be like that terrible one you heard all about. Many labours are quick and easy!