Reasons For Post Pregnancy Mood Swings

Did you think that the worst of your mood swings was over during your pregnancy? Well, then you better prepare yourself for the worst. Moodiness does not end with pregnancy but goes well beyond it. You will have to deal with mood swings even post pregnancy and that might be difficult both for you and your partner.

Mood swings post pregnancy are not to be taken lightly. They can be the first signs of post partum depression. Post pregnancy, hormones wreck havoc in your body. They would make you feel delighted at one moment, tearfully emotional at the next and then you would be raging wild with anger. The emotional roller coaster is difficult to handle. Here are some of the reasons for mood swings post pregnancy that can make your life as a new mother tough to handle.

Drop In Hormone Levels

Immediately after you deliver the baby, you go through a serious drop in progesterone levels. This leads you to feel down in the dumps at one moment and totally elated at others.


A newborn baby usually does not sleep at night. The baby will sleep through the day and stay awake at night. That is why; the new mommy also gets sleepless nights leading to mood swings and irritability.

The Fears Of Motherhood

When you become a mother for the first time, you are ravaged with fears and insecurity. You are scared because you are in charge of this little baby and you have no skills or experience to help you. The fear of handling a newborn baby can also lead to terrible mood swings.

Physical Toil Of Baby Care

Caring for a newborn baby is a very physically challenging job. You have to breastfeed every 2 hours which in itself is very tiring. You also have to change nappies, bathe the baby and maintain the hygiene of your home.

Insecurity About Post Pregnancy Body

Just after you deliver, you still have the baby bump. You also have some extra pounds of weight that you are anxious to lose. Besides, you have stretch marks, loose abdominal skin and sagging boobs to deal with. All these things about your physical appearance can be downers.

By Anwesha