8 Unusual First Signs Of Pregnancy

Image via: mycentraloregon.com

Image via: mycentraloregon.com

Before you’ve experienced a pregnancy, you think the only way to know you’re pregnant is to miss a period and get a positive pregnancy test. I never understood the people that just said they “had a feeling” until after I became pregnant with my son.

I’d just gotten back from a trip and had run upstairs to drop my bags off. As I ran back down the stairs to greet my husband who had walked in the door behind me, I realized I was completely short of breath. I was huffing and puffing as I said hello, which was curious because I was in pretty darn good shape at the time.

That’s when I just knew: I was pregnant.

I didn’t believe my gut enough to trust it on that first pregnancy symptom alone, but it was enough to not leave me surprised when I saw the plus sign on the test. In awe? Yes, because it’d taken so long. But not surprised, because deep down I already knew.

Since then, I’ve learned countless ways that woman have “just known” they were pregnant and it went beyond the standard sore boobs and cranky moods. Here are a few:

1. Razor burn

“My legs get so sensitive that even the lightest shave with the sharpest razor makes me feel like I’m shredding my skin off, and they burn for days, only to find out I’ve barely gotten the hair off.” — Amber G.

2. Nosebleeds

“I never had a nosebleed in my life until I was pregnant. Suddenly I got one and it was so odd that I just knew it meant I was pregnant. They continued the whole time, too.” — Jess N.

3. Runny/stuffy nose

“I got a runny/stuffy nose that just wouldn’t go away for no reason in the middle of the summer. I wouldn’t have thought much of it if it hadn’t happened with my first two pregnancies as well.” — Carrie W.

4. I lost my mind

“Seriously. I couldn’t put sentences together, I couldn’t come up with words for things, and my grammar was all over the place. Mom brain is no joke — and it doesn’t go away either! — Tessyn R.

5. Vertigo

“I never had problems with being dizzy or getting the feeling of vertigo until I was pregnant. From day one, the world seemed to be spinning around me and I couldn’t get my brain to catch up to what my eyes were seeing. Luckily it passed after the first few weeks.” — Sarah S.

6. I became so emotional

“I started crying at things that weren’t even sad, and I’m not a crier to start with. There was no doubt in my mind what was going on: I was definitely pregnant.” — Liz B.

7. Bleeding gums

“My gums started bleeding like crazy at the dentist. I didn’t even know that could happen until the hygienist exclaimed that my gums were as sensitive as a pregnant woman’s. Then I put two and two together.” — Hannah P.

8. Getting winded

“I’m a P.E. teacher and was getting abnormally winded when trying to teach basic basketball skills to my students. I felt so out of shape and then realized that I might be pregnant!” — Kristen V., The Concrete Runner

Did you have any unusual first signs of pregnancy?