Top 10 Easter Treats for Pregnant Women


Easter is hopping closer and will be here before we know it!  Wondering what you can get for the mom-to-be on your list for the holiday? With time running short, these helpful suggestions should put you on the right path.  The Easter bunny will gladly delivery ANY of these treats for pregnant moms.

Top 10 Easter Treats for Moms-to-Be

1. Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day a mere distant memory, the upcoming Easter holiday might leave behind a new stash for your enjoyment. Guess what? You can enjoy without guilt because eating chocolate lowers your risk of pregnancy complications. See, the Easter bunny can be helpful!

2. Carrot Cake

Like his cousin Peter Rabbit, the Easter Bunny has been known to borrow vegetables from Mr. McGregor's garden, especially carrots. Confiscate those precious orange bundles and use low-fat yogurt to lighten up the cake. You might have a slice left for the bunny to savor.

3. An Easter Basket

Fill up the basket with fresh fruit and a bunch of fresh carrots. Your favorite pregnant gal also welcomes any and all pampering products. Since her body's been working overtime producing a beautiful baby, include natural products that will help her look and feel her best.

4. Visit to a Spa

There is no limit on pampering your pregnancy (unless you have a complication, of course). Pedicures, manicures, a facial, massage, aroma therapy and most other other spa services can still be enjoyed. Hint for the partner or hubby: Look for a spa that specializes in prenatal services. They'll know what's safe for you and your baby bean-to-be. The bean says she'll take the soothing music.

9. Borrow the Kids

Give your pregnant mom-to-be the gift of "quiet." Let her put her tired feet up. Bring a care package (maybe lunch and a treat) and take the kids for a few hours. Ahhhhh.

5. Belly Painting Kit

Like Mariah Carey, who got festive with her baby bump (painting an Easter design on her huge belly), let go and have some fun. Whether a spring floral scene or a decorated egg, celebrate your pregnancy with a paint brush and enjoy the approving kicks!

6. Bunny Slippers

Every woman needs a pair of cozy warm slippers to snuggle into! On Easter, give her the comfort she needs and the respect the rabbit deserves! You can never go wrong with "comfy."

7. Gourmet Jelly Beans

Fill a plastic egg with an assortment of gourmet jelly beans. Thanks to the wide variety of exotic flavors available, there's a jelly bean for every craving!

8. Take Charge of the Easter Feast

Help out by cooking the Easter Feast or pick one up. Your pregnant momma's feet and back will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Just don't hog all the leftovers!

9. Share a Tradition and a Smile

Whip up a batch of hot cross buns (or swing by the bakery for a dozen) and round off the gift with a tea bag variety pack. The specialty tea stores have really gotten creative!

10. A New Vacuum

Gift her a new vacuum that's sure to pick up all the stray bunny hairs. Just kidding! We heard those groans! If you're really stuck for ideas, go with the chocolate. The bunnies thank you.

What's on your top ten list? Shout it out!