Top 7 Tips for New Mom To Traveling With Baby (The Best Tips You Need To Know)

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Remember those simpler days where your primary concerns were something else altogether. Like worrying about what movies you would watch or whether sleeping on the plane would be possible or not. But with a newborn, priorities change, don’t they? So here’s the new mom’s guide to traveling with your baby.

Anticipating international flight with your infant can send you into panic mode. Thinking about packing, disruption of your baby’s schedule, and other passengers is only a scratch on the surface. So let’s address some common concerns. So you can be well prepared to handle anything that comes your way. And that it will!

The New Mom's Guide: 3 Travel Tips for Driving

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1. Cleanup Emergency Kit

Let me state something obvious here. Babies are quite messy and accidents are unpredictable. Unfortunately, I understood that after having to deal with it firsthand. When you know that your newborn is prone to throwing up, why wouldn’t you want to be ready with the following items!

·         Medium or large towel.

·         Baby wipes to clean vomit, spit ups, and blowouts.

·         Diapers, preferably overnight diapers.

·         Small and stylish diaper bags such as purses for moms with toddlers.

·         Water bottle.

·         Ziploc bags for storing smelly and dirty items.

·         An extra outfit for yourself and baby

2. Bright Sticker to Mark the Release Latch of the Car Seat

It’s okay to be forgetful. But it’s not okay to be irresponsible. In order to push the right button at the time of removing that carrier, place a bright colored sticker on it. Such a habit is helpful for grandparents or anybody else traveling with the baby.

3. Toy Holder and Pacifier Clip

Does your little one enjoy the comfort provided by a pacifier? If so, then you can attach the thing to the car seat. With the help of a pacifier clip! So in case he/she drops it, you can reach for the attached clip easily.

Along the same line, does your child find comfort with a toy? In that regard, make sure that you have a box of toys placed within reach. If he/she drops one, all you have to do is grab another to replace it immediately.

The New Mom's Guide: 4 Travel Tips for Flying with Baby

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1. Emergency Kit

Your flight may get delayed. The chances of something like that happening at the airport are quite likely. So when flying with a newborn, it’s necessary to keep certain items at your disposal. That means, apart from your favorite flat iron or beauty essential, don’t forget to pack the following things as well.

·         Bottle cleaning equipment. Such as bottle brush, bottle soap, sterilizing wipes, and sterilizing bag.

·         First aid gear like the thermometer, band-aids, and prescription medicines. Medication can include fever reducers and infant painkillers.

2. Hanging Organizer and Expandable Suitcase for Baby

A foldable hanging organizer and expandable suitcase are essential items. If you want to know the most useful tips for traveling with a baby, you’ve got to pay attention to this one.

Rather than packing one more suitcase, why not make use of the hanging organizer? One that collapses in the suitcase to accommodate your baby’s things! Pack your entire bag and then place this packed organizer at the top.

Personally, I always end up overpacking. Even if I’m traveling for two weeks! So this way I can pack everything for my baby and myself in a single suitcase.

3. Keep a Bottle Ready for Liftoff and Landing

That feeling at the time of liftoff and landing causes your ears to pop, right? As an adult, you find it irritating until this excessive pressure is released. So at such times, don’t expect your baby to swallow in order to clear those ears. Instead, nurse the little one or feed him/her. The suction produced as a result of that helps in clearing the ears.

4. Gate-Check the Car Seat and Stroller

The majority of airlines give you the opportunity to check the car seat and stroller at the check-in gate. Such a practice is in place so you can travel easily with your newborn.

You Can Relax Now!

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The experience is going to be overwhelming. There’s no doubt about that. But as a mother and frequent traveler, here’s what I’ve come to realize. The more prepared you are, the less troublesome the journey will be.

The goal here is to enjoy the travel and make memories. So don’t get too caught up in the situation or moment. Take a deep breath and try not to panic. And please don’t think too much about those other passengers. The best thing to do is ignore them and focus on helping your child relax.

Does everything that I just said make sense to you? And how about you share your experiences or tips with us here? Tell us how you cope when flying or driving with your baby.

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