The Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Horses To Keep Them In Good Health


We all know that first impressions are crucial, but horse owners tend to take this somewhat seriously. When presenting their horse at a show or to close-knit family or friends, they want compliments. Horse owners are meticulous. They are invested in searching for the best horse health care regime that will keep their stallion all clean and healthy. If you have recently purchased a horse or been given the responsibility of caring for one, you need to know the following tips.


Hydration during summer months

 Typically, horses consume at least 5 gallons of water daily for smooth functioning. During summer, however, they need more. Whether they are idle or participating in a race, horses become dehydrated fast due to the summer heat. Some owners incorporate Gatorade and flavored water into their horse's diet as well. If your horse gets exhausted quickly due to the summer heat, you need to increase the volume of water. You may give your horse 1 gallon of water to drink at an interval of 20 to 30 minutes for good measure.


Cleaning around the year

 A horse with a lustrous mane and shiny body hair captivates onlookers. Whether your horse is black, brown, white, or golden brown, you need to keep him clean to make him glow! It is the shine that matters, and it takes constant care to achieve. If you want the same for your horse, get high-end cleaning brushes and follow a proper cleaning regime.

You need brush your horse daily since consistent brushing results in the secretion of natural sebum, which adds to the shine. The traditional elbow grease brush is the best choice. Brushing also helps to clean the possible fungal infections. Every horse needs to have a brush set of its own. When brushing, you need to follow the direction of the hair growth. Furthermore, it is essential to select the horse cleaning brushes based on the season, for instance, softer brushes for summer and stiffer ones for the winter. If you want your horse to resemble the glossy breeders cup horse statues, cleaning must be your top priority.


Maintaining proper hygiene

Aside from regular brushing, you also need to bathe your horse using shampoo every once in a while. Make sure to wash between the hind legs and under the tail as well. Post bath, you need to apply sheen on the horse's coat. It will not only make your horse look squeaky clean, but it would also add to its quality of health.


Knowing the proper way to body clip

Are you planning to body clip the horse before a show? It is best to get it done a week or two before. However, do not get disappointed with the first body clipping. It can make your horse's coat appear dull and bland. Also, there may be a couple of blade lines. However, with time, you will find your stallion get back to its original sheen.


Ensuring protection from the sun

Pink patches around the eye of horses indicate sunburn. The solution is simple! You can find sunscreen lotions that are free of para-aminobenzoic acid, and they are the best! You can apply the same in small sections of the horse's body. 

Horses symbolize everything classy, regal and beautiful. They bring in the image of strength and vitality. With the best living environment and care, horses can thrive.