Explore Most Effective Debt Consolidation Strategies for Single Moms


In comparison to the average people, the single mothers seem to have more financial difficulties. They would be encountering relatively larger scale of financial issues. They have certain drawbacks to tackle, such as lesser disposable income, lesser free time, worries about children, divorce issues, dating issues, and responsibilities toward the proper education and upbringing of the children. Single moms need to be determined and stern to overcome all these financial crises and problems.


Debt Consolidation Is the Right Choice

If you are a single mother who is burdened with an ever-mounting debt, the best option for you is to effectively consolidate your multiple balances into a single loan and a single monthly repayment until you have successfully got rid of all your debts in this manner. Debt management specialists believe that debt consolidation is the perfect solution for overcoming debts in case of a single mother. However, there are some other effective options just right for separated or divorced moms so that they could easily be getting aid and help through effective government assistance. You may get in touch with nationaldebtrelief.com for professional assistance.


Consolidation of Your Debts


Personal Loan

While thinking about debt consolidation, the very first thing that would be striking you is getting a personal loan. This sort of a loan could be paid off by making monthly payments at the low rate of interest. This could be a perfect way of consolidating multiple high-interest debts into a single low-interest one. As this sort of a personal loan would be involving the relatively smaller amount of monthly payments, it is really affordable for a single mom and could be the perfect strategy to get out of debts. However, it is slightly challenging to determine a reliable lender.

It would be quite difficult to find a reputed lending institution if your credit score is not very high. Creditworthiness is an important factor while lending money. It would be pretty difficult to get a lending institution that would be willing to give you a loan if your credit card has remaining balances that seem to have reached the credit limits already. In such a case, it would be pretty tough to be qualified and eligible for a fresh new credit.

Before applying for any personal loan, you must essentially examine your present credit score so that you know exactly where you stand. It would be really great if you could take out a personal loan that offers a relatively lower interest rate with a repayment time frame of 2 to about 5 years.


Credit-Card Consolidation

A credit card that offers a relatively low-interest rate or maybe a 0% balance transfer could be a much more effective way of consolidating higher interest rate debts. You must scrutinize the loan terms and conditions. Some companies could be charging some fees for the associated credit transfer that would be ranging from 2 to 4 percent of the actual amount that has been transferred. You could get the benefit of certain introductory offers in certain cases. You must examine carefully that the card does not involve any other related charges.


Debt Management Plan

A single mom could use an effective debt management plan for consolidating her outstanding debts. The counseling agency would be paying off all your existing creditors and you would be required to pay the counseling agency every month in return. There is a possibility of you ending up paying the relatively lower interest rate and monthly payment would be lowered too. A good credit rating is not necessary in this case and you would have access to budgeting counseling.



Being a single mother is not an easy task. You would be having financial issues and immense responsibilities. However, if you are a little careful and smart, you could come out victorious.