Make Peace With Your Mommy Body

Mommy Body.

For new mothers, it’s the beginning a fantastic experience that takes them through the realm of giving, selflessness, and love. Having a baby redefines the notion of love and care and security. It is also a constant challenge for your patience and your energy – it doesn’t matter how much you love your child: when they cry in the middle of the night, and you’ve just managed to fall asleep, you wonder for a brief moment if you should ignore them and go back to sleep. There’s another test that comes with having a baby, and it’s discovering your new body. A mommy’s bod appears at first different from your pre-pregnancy baby. Everybody expects to put on weight during the pregnancy time. But, even though all mothers know that they won’t shift back to their pre-baby shapes immediately, it’s difficult to deal with the extra weight post-birth. For your sake and your health – both mental and physical – you need to make peace with your postpartum body.


Sweat it off

You will find a lot of energetic mothers who decide to get back to the gym shortly after the birth. As a general rule of the thumb, your body needs up to 6 weeks to recover from normal birth. It can take 12 weeks or more for delivery by C-section. So, even if you’re desperate to improve your fitness levels, you need to take it slowly. However, be aware that for a lot of mothers, breastfeeding can encourage rapid weight loss – as described in this article. But, be careful to eat enough so that you can keep your baby healthy. A woman needs around 500 calories a day when she’s breastfeeding, so, even if you want to lose weight, don’t undereat! Additionally, after your body has recovered from the trauma of giving birth, you can consider activities that help you to gain greater control of your muscles, such as the martial arts classes from Martial arts are good for your patience, your balance, and your strength. Besides you can be sure, it’s getting rid of any baby-related stress! 


Get a professional makeover

Ultimately, it’s fair to say that even with the best of patience, there is a time when you would like to feel more like a woman and less like a mother. That’s precisely why mommy makeover procedures exist, as explained in details on The procedure is designed to help you restore your pre-baby body. Indeed, pregnancy and breastfeeding can transform your body, causing a separation of the abdominal muscles, and saggy breasts. With a breast lifting and a tummy tuck operations, you can go back to enjoying your body again.


Your body went through a lot already

It’s natural to want to give your body the best chances, especially when your appearance is significant to your mental health. However, it’s important to remind new mommies that they have to be patient with themselves. During the pregnancy and the labor, your body goes through a lot of transformations and pressures. It’s not impossible to get your fitness levels back. But it doesn’t happen overnight.


The skills you discover as a mother – love and patience with your child – are the exact skills you need to apply to yourself. Learn to love your body and give it time to recover. It’s the only way forward to flaunt your mommy bod!