Yes, A Badly Fitting Bra Is A Big Problem!


It is a problem that millions of women across the world face; you have just purchased a fantastic new outfit and shoes to match, and you know that you are going to look like a million dollars on your night out at that glitzy new restaurant your glitzy. But just as you are getting ready, and look at yourself in the mirror, that outfit just doesn’t look right…

You’ve overlooked something fundamental – wearing a comfortable well-fitted bra!

Your best bra is riding up your back, your breasts are spilling over the cups, and your breasts suddenly look saggy and misshapen. Aside from the discomfort, the whole look of your outfit has been ruined by your ill-fitting, uncomfortable bra.

Breasts change their shape, size and density through a woman’s life journey, through age, hormone changes, plastic surgery, weight gain or loss, and pregnancies (as new mom actress Blake Lively found out, during the time that she was breastfeeding, it can even cause worry about wardrobe malfunctions)!

So today let’s have a look at the problem, why it happens and what you can do to find your ideal bra.


Fact Or Fiction: Do Women Really Wear The Wrong Bra Size?

In a survey published in the health journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies back in 2008, researchers found that a large majority (80%) of women wore incorrectly sized bras. Of that percentage (70%) wore bras that were too small, and (10%) wore bras that were too large.

There are positive health benefits to wearing properly fitting bras, including:

  • better posture
  • more confidence
  • less back and shoulder pain
  • avoiding skin irritation and soreness
  • giving more incentive to exercise
  • feeling more relaxed


Why Do So Many Women Wear The Wrong Size Bra?

Given that this is such a common problem of which most women are aware, why is it that they fail to find the correct bra for their body type and breast size?

There appear to be a number of reasons for this:

  • breasts often change their size and shape with hormone changes
  • the embarrassment that women feel during bra measurement and sizing leads them to avoid it, and they try to size themselves
  • women are not taught are not taught what to look for in a bra size
  • women commonly buy their bras on their own without help
  • women avoid getting sizing from bra salespeople because they then feel pressured to buy from them


How Can You Find The Right Bra?

Here are some great ways to break the shackles and free yourself from the constraints of that trusty old sports bra or old gray semi-worn out 2010 vintage bra that you resort to in a crisis!

1. when shopping in the store wear a white t-shirt or vest and put it on over the bra you are trying on – you’ll get a better idea how it looks

2. put the bra on front to back, placing your arms through the straps, (rather than back to front), to avoid stretching the band which will give you giving you a false idea how it really should fit

3. scoop your breast up and place it into the bra cup, to find the correct positioning

4. Then adjust the bra straps and clasps to find the best fit


Too Shy To Shop In Person For The Perfect Bra?

If you are still too embarrassed to go shopping for a new bra in a department store, don’t despair! There are fantastic ways to go online to help you easily find the perfectly fitting bra for you. Websites like Knixwear bras offer you myriad online measuring tools to find the right bra size, comfortable material, and styles, to provide a perfect match for your body type and shape.

So now you not have the knowledge how to not only look good on the outside, but to also have the perfect-fitting bra comfort, and confidence from morning until night every day. Happy wearing!