How To Create A Garden That Your Family Will Enjoy

girl outdoors.jpg

Do you remember the last time your children went outdoors? It’s possible that your kids may be spending too much time cooped up inside your home as research has found that a majority of American children rarely go out to play. The study which involves more than 8,000 children found that only 51% of children went outside to walk or play once a day.

While many blame the popularity of gadgets and technology for most children’s sedentary lifestyle, experts also note that overscheduling and parents’ fear for their children’s safety are some of the reasons why more kids are staying indoors. Children should engage in healthful outdoor games and activities as being in nature and doing any form of exercise can benefit a child’s physical and mental development.

One way to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors is to create a garden that they’ll enjoy. By making a few changes to your outdoor space, you can build a fun area that will benefit your loved ones. Here are some tips to create a garden that your family will enjoy.


Create a comfortable sitting area

Create a comfortable sitting area for adults so you can relax while watching your children play. Frame your patio with a grill screen to give you some privacy and to give this part of the garden a room-like feel. Select easy to maintain furniture such as wicker or wood, and scatter a few cushions covered in weather-proof fabric to add softness. To add a relaxing vibe, place a bubbling sphere outdoor water fountain near your sitting area so you can listen to the soothing sound of running water while you lounge.


Have an active play zone in your garden

Choose an area where your kids can engage in active play. Ideally, your play area should be big enough to allow children to roam and run around. If you’re planning to get some garden play equipment, plan it out first to ensure that you have enough space for a slide, swing set, a playhouse, or a trampoline.


Think outside the box

Anyone can have a tire swing in the garden, but to make your outdoor space more fun for little ones, try thinking outside the box. A few kid-friendly backyard additions to consider include a zip line, chalkboard walls, or a tree house. To get some inspiration, consider asking your children what things or equipment they would like to add to your garden. You may be surprised at how creative and feasible their ideas will turn out to be.

Try these tips to create an enjoyable outdoor space for your family. Your children are sure to spend lots of time playing in your garden and spending quality time with you.