Why Small Cars Are Great For Parents With Babies In Tow

Why Small Cars Are Great For Parents With Babies In Tow

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When you become a parent, there's no denying your world gets transformed! As you adjust into your new role, one thing you might be thinking about is a change of car. After all: we keep getting told that smaller vehicles aren't ideal for growing families.

But, it might surprise you to learn that a small car is more than suitable for parents with babies in tow! How is that possible? Well, it turns out there are many things we've not thought about when it comes to parenting with a small car.

In today's blog post, I'm going against the grain, as it were. I want to share with you some reasons why it's worth considering sticking to smaller cars for your needs.

Why Small Cars Are Great For Parents With Babies In Tow

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They Provide A Smaller Cocoon For Babies

Many parents will argue that you need a large people carrier if you've got a baby. But, one thing babies love is being close and bonding to their parents. The distance between the front and rear seats of an MPV is greater than in a small car.

You are more likely to have a calmer, more relaxed baby if they feel closer to you. Sure, you can't sit next to them and drive at the same time. The rear seat is the safest part of the car for them, after all. Still, at least you won't feel like you're a million miles away from your baby!

They Are Practical

Some people have the view that small cars are impractical for both parents and young children. Nothing could get further from the truth! Many hatchbacks are available with larger roof lines and rear doors, for a start. Plus, there is plenty of storage in the cabin and the boot.

Whoever told you that small cars aren't practical have not seen the models you can buy today!

They Can Still Be Fun For Parents

When you become a parent, you might feel like you have to drive a boring family car. What if I told you that's not the case at all? Take the Abarth from the Thames Motor Group as an example. It turns the excellent Fiat 500 supermini into a high-performance, sporty hatchback!

Just because you have new responsibilities in your life doesn't mean you can't drive a fun car!

Parking A Smaller Car Is A Dream

Do you live in the city? Perhaps you're in an urban area where parking spaces are at a premium? Did you know that it's real easy to park a small car? You can manoeuvre your vehicle into even the tightest of spaces.

If you drive a people carrier, you'll have to rely on your spatial awareness. Not all of us can judge distances in such cars that well! As a result, your MPV could end up looking like a stock racing car after just a couple of years.

You Can Keep Your Motoring Costs Down

Last, but not least, did I mention that small cars are cheaper to maintain? You will end up paying less for your servicing, insurance and tax costs. That makes the total cost of ownership lower than a conventional MPV.

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