What To Do In The Dominican Republic

Beach Life.

The Dominican Republic is one of those destinations that makes us think of long, white, sandy beaches, gentle, deep blue seas, cocktails on the beach and scorching hot sun. It’s a massively popular destination for honeymooners, families and solo travellers looking for some peace and quiet and a total break from home life.

Life in the Caribbean is vastly different from life back home, and the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to experience it. The atmosphere is relaxed, without work worries, commutes, and stresses. It’s simpler, and all about fun and pleasure. If you are considering a trip to the Dominican, here are a few things that you should do while you are there.


Stay in Luxury

Hotels and resorts on the Island are nothing short of paradise. Hotels like Courtyard Santo Domingo make the perfect base for your visit. Offering everything that you could need for your stay from a fitness room and pool to an outdoor terrace and a courtyard BBQ.



Snorkeling is incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike. The seas in the area are so clear and placid that you can see so much more than you would ever imagine. Getting up close and personal with thousands of different species. Make sure you snorkel with a qualified instructor and use equipment carefully.


Horseback Riding and a Zip Line Tour

Either of these activities would be perfect on their own. They both offer adrenaline junkies and adventurers a fantastic chance to get their blood pumping while seeing more of the Island. Head out to Punta Cana to gallop (or walk, depending on your skill level and confidence) along the Anamaya River to a cigar plantation before returning to the ranch and taking a zip line down through the forest trees.

This is a guided tour, including hotel pick up and lunch. It can also be upgraded to include a cattle drive, a Dominican feast and a tour of the plantation, with plenty of samples thrown in.


Dune Buggy Driving

Dune Buggy

If there’s one thing the Dominican Republic has plenty of, it’s sand and dunes. Taking a dune buggy out is a great way to explore while having some fun and letting your hair down. You can either hire a buggy and go out on your own or pay for another guided tour, which is the better idea if it’s your first time in the area.

The tour will include safety instruction and advice, stops for Dominican coffee and lunch, as well as the option to stop at banana plantations and a limestone mine. Be aware however that aside from some safety information, no driver training is given, so all drivers must know how to drive a manual transmission.


Nothing at All

The Dominican Republic is the perfect place to lie back and do nothing. Spend some time laying around on a white beach, drinking cocktails, sampling local foods and paddling in the sea. Let the laid-back way of life flood over you and feel your stresses melt away in the sunshine.