5 Ways To Prepare The Kids For A New Babysitter


Parents introducing their children to a new babysitter can find themselves in a tricky and sometimes difficult situation. After all, kids have different views about babysitting.

Home health care service providers say that many children will feel anxious and scared when their parents hire a sitter because a “stranger” will be looking after them.

This is especially true if the parents will be leaving their kids in the care of another person for the first time. In the case of families changing their sitter, getting the little ones to like and be comfortable with the new one will often take some time as well.


Helping Kids Deal With a New Childminder

Parents have the important job of helping their kids get used to and be comfortable with their new babysitter.  When the children are prepared well for this change, the sitter will have an easier and enjoyable time looking after the little ones. The kids will also feel more at ease and safe whenever they are left under the care of the new minder or home health care providers.

Here are some tips to help kids make the positive transition to a new babysitter:


1.     Talk to the kids about the new sitter

Before the new sitter reports for her first day of work, a talk with the children about their new minder is an absolute must. If possible, there should be a family meeting and talk about what the sitter looks like, what she likes, and why she was chosen for the job.

During family meals and whenever the kids are present, the fact that the babysitter is excited about meeting them needs to be brought up. Children should be encouraged to ask questions about the new childminder as well.

If possible, having the kids talk to the new sitter by video call before they actually meet her is also a good idea. By doing so, the little ones will feel more comfortable when they meet her personally for the first time. This is because the video call will allow the children to already know what the sitter looks like and how she sounds thereby giving them a feeling of familiarity.


2.       Get the kids some new games or toys before the sitter arrives

To get the kids excited about and look forward to meeting the new sitter, getting them some new games and toys would help. These new toys and games which should only be brought out when the new sitter arrives can be used as a way for the kids and sitter to bond.

With the anticipation of the fun of something new to play with, the kids will be truly excited once the babysitter arrives and they can start playing with these new items. The new playthings will also help create a positive association with the babysitter.


3.         Give kids some sense of control

In general, kids are more receptive to change when they feel in control. Use this concept once the babysitter starts looking after the children.

Let the kids show the new babysitter around the house once she arrives. Ask the older kids to give the minder some tips on how to take care of the smaller children. Spark enthusiasm and excitement in the kids by asking them to make the new sitter a welcome gift or sign.


4.          Remind the children about the house rules

Go over the house rules with the kids again. If these have not been established yet, list them down and explain them to the little ones.

Set rules or boundaries about how they are expected to behave once the new sitter arrives. Make sure they understand these rules and that these should not change just because the adults are not home.

Some the rules or things that should be discussed with the kids and babysitter are:

·         Screen time rules and schedules

·         Bedtime routine

·         Rules for snack times

·         When and where kids should do their homework


5.          Let kids know they can talk about anything

Lastly, make sure the children know that they can talk about anything. Whether it’s something good or bad about the sitter or something that they did, they should not be afraid to bring it up.

In case the babysitter does anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should know that their parents are there to listen and immediately address the situation.

Following these tips can help kids feel more comfortable and secure under the care of a new sitter, and parents will have their share of peace of mind as well.



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