Making A Fuss of Your Dog On Their Big Day

doggie birthday.jpeg

Some people may think that it’s ludicrous to celebrate a pet’s birthday. However, when your family has a four-legged friend of their own, you’ll soon come to realise that they become a real part of the family. Celebrating your pet’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to treat them, to show your kids that animals should be cared for and loved, and also to have a special day out of bonding as a family unit. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.


Don’t Know When Your Dog Was Born?


If you buy a dog from a breeder, you will have an exact date of when they were born. However, thankfully, increasing numbers of people are choosing to adopt rather than shop when it comes to bringing a pet into their family home. This is great, as there are hundreds of thousands of perfect pooches out there just looking for a bit of love and affection. Some dogs homes will know when your pooch was born and how old they are (perhaps their previous owners had to reluctantly give them up due to changes in personal circumstances), but for the most part, they won’t have a clue of when your pup was born and can only give an estimate as to their age. If this is the case, don’t fret. By conducting a test with DNA my dog, you can get a much closer idea as to when your pet was born, as well as other interesting details, such as their exact breed!


Choosing What to Do


Once you have a good idea of when your pet’s birthday is, you can start making plans. There are plenty of things that you can do year-round that will prove a fun day for everyone involved.


A Picnic


A picnic in your local park is a cheap and simple way to celebrate. Your dog will have a great time walking and playing with your family and it will give everyone else an opportunity to talk, catch up, and form stronger bonds too! Just pack up a picnic basket and blanket and you’re good to go. Remember to pack some special food and treats for your pooch!


A Puppy Party


If you have friends with dogs, you could use this as a great opportunity to socialise your dog and socialise for yourself too! Arrange a meetup in a local park or (if you’re brave and your dogs are all well trained) at one of your homes. There are even establishments out there that allow you to rent a secure and enclosed field where you can let the hounds run loose with one another without having to worry about them coming into harm.


A Trip to the Seaside


If you feel your family could do with a little getaway and your pooch’s birthday happens to fall in the summer, you could use it as a good excuse for an escape to the seaside. Increasing numbers of caravans and B&Bs are becoming dog-friendly and seaside locations tend to be friendlier and more accommodating when it comes to allowing dogs into pubs, cafes, and other public places!


These are just a few ideas to get you started. You don’t need to spend much at all and you’ll soon find that your pup’s birthday serves as a great opportunity to get everyone together for a good time!