5 Baby Shower Cakes That Are Totally Worth The Money


Mommies-to-be worry so much about their health and the baby that they often forget to enjoy pregnancy time. That's when the baby shower comes in. The party is usually organized by a close friend of the mother and spiced up with plenty of fun moments and activities. The event sets the stage for the baby-to-be, while the mommy enjoys some relaxation time. Baby shower cakes are essential items for these events.

Here are five gorgeous and inspirational baby shower cakes that set up your party

1.      Sweet Swiss Cake Roll

1_Swiss roll on plate.jpg

Swiss rolls are famous all around the world for a reason. They are fluffy, tasty, and magically multilayered. Moreover, Swiss rolls are one of the most minimalistic ways to create a fabulous spiral design. Imagine sugar icing on top of a pink or blue roll for a delightful finish. What's the best texture mix for swiss rolls? Sweet, consistent creams in fluffy layers.

Since you're organizing an entire party, cooking such a cake from scratch might take a longer time than planned. We recommend that you look at specialized websites and order the cake of your choice. Check Cakes Price for a full pricing of Sam’s Club baby shower cakes. At Sam’s you can find cakes ranging from $13.99 to $48.99 per order.


2.      Smiling Cupcakes

2_Bear cupcakes.jpg

Cupcakes are the modern, minimalistic version of traditional baby shower cakes. They are more convenient as they are single-serve pieces which will let you socialize while eating. Since the baby is an enormous joy which comes in small packaging, so are cupcakes. Plus, imagine some cute smileys or monkey faces on top of the fluffy treats!

Animal cupcakes are attractive choices for both little boys and girls. The most appreciated cupcakes are those shaped as monkeys, penguins, or pandas. You can also add just a big smile, eyes, or ears to your cupcakes. They’ll be a hit.


3.      Surprise Cake

3_Question mark cake.jpg

How about a gender-neutral cake which will surprise your guests if the mommy hasn’t revealed the baby's gender yet? A surprise cake can contain pearls and jimmies which will reveal the baby’s gender when the cake is cut. You can decorate the cake with a question mark-shaped candle, too.

Ask for a white cake with an assortment of pink and blue jimmies, or pearls. If you’re introducing your guests to a little girl, ask the baker to add red sugar pearl sprinkles with a bubble-gum flavor. Raspberry-flavored, blue sugar pearl sprinkles work delightfully for a little boy.


4.      Baby Blanket Cake

4_Blanket cake.jpg

Typically, babies get attached to inanimate objects as they adapt to life outside the womb, according to a study. Around 38% of newborns get attached to a soft fabric, such as a blanket (19%). You can order a baby shower cake shaped like a blanket in a gender-revealing or neutral tone.

A baby blanket cake has everything a sweet treat needs: fluffiness, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and red-and-blue colors. You can add some spiced carrot details or order a cake that looks like a sewn blanket.


5.      Funny Bunny Cake

5_Funny bunny cake.jpg

The ultimate form of elegance is simplicity. When it comes to baby shower cakes, a simple design can host a spectacular and sophisticated taste. In other words, imagine a cake with a little bunny poking its head out of the cake. The cake can be used for both boys and girls and the taste is a surprise.

Ask your baker to make a rounded cake with a green-grass design and top everything with a bunny-shaped fondant icing. You can spell the baby’s name on the cake too. The result will be colorful and joyful just like the baby to be born.


Making a Baby Shower Cake

You can choose one of the cakes above and show the picture to a reliable baker. Bakers can make cakes that are not in their catalogues. Ask for a sample, wait for the cake, and surprise the mommy with one of the best baby shower cakes out there!

The alternative of buying a ready-made cake is not too bad, either, seeing as, with a little research, you can find a company that produces quality items that will complete any baby shower party.