5 Ways Autumn Boosts Our Spirits

In autumn we can succumb to transformation. We can be fickle like the temperatures outside; we can embrace uncertainty and welcome transition, the unknown.

“I think fall evokes feelings of coziness and warmth and is such a multifunctional season,” says Anna Solo, a wellness blogger for freshtheblog.com.

In light of the new season, here are some of autumn’s charms that are good for the soul as well.

Apple picking

While summer is renowned for berries, the apple is the epitome of autumn. Take advantage of the beautiful orchards, bask in the October sun shine, and sequester a Granny Smith, Macintosh or Red Delicious from one of the towering trees. Some orchards sell homemade jams, pies and other fall desserts, too. (If the opportunity arises, make sure to indulge in an apple cider doughnut, a personal favorite of mine.)


Pinterest, a site that allows you to discover ideas and projects, offers several pumpkin-decorating ideas to spark some good ol’ creativity. Hone in on your artistic side (or play pretend — my artistic talent is sadly limited), and enjoy beautifying pumpkins with paint and glitter and eccentric carvings.

If you’re looking for a crafty activity to keep your mind occupied, this may do just the trick.

Pumpkin spice items

Last year, I wrote on the pumpkin spice latte phenomenon. This season, shops are offering this popular, autumn-inspired beverage even earlier. Pumpkin spice has become a staple of fall, a trademark that spawns enthusiasm and comfort.

The latte features a variety of flavors — clove, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. Perhaps the pumpkin spice latte symbolizes the ever-changing essence of autumn itself.

And though I may not participate in the coffee craze (I’m more of a religious tea drinker), I recently sought out a “spice cake” candle for my desk. The allure is here, and we get it.

Haunted houses

It’s difficult to reflect on the season without noting the excitement surrounding Halloween; the tales of the supernatural, the horror movies, the costumes, and of course, haunted houses.

I know I’ll be absolutely terrified, but I’ll go to haunted houses with friends, hoping to get into the spirit of the holiday (pun intended).

If you’re seeking this kind of “scary fun,” find a local haunted house, farm, maze or stroll (there’s quite a few frightening options) and hold onto each other tight. These outings also make great bonding experiences.

Nature’s eye candy

Relish in nature’s loveliness; the leaves forego shades of green for orange, red, yellow and brown. Take a drive and absorb the foliage, pretty scenery and peaceful tranquility of the outdoors during this time of year.

“It’s technically the season where everything is dying,” Chelsea Fagan wrote. And yet, “you somehow feel as though you are just now waking up.”

Autumn gets people going; we surrender to its spell, allowing ourselves to feel the season’s impact.

By Lauren Suval

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