9 Fun Bibs for Babies

Babies drool a lot. Check out these super cute baby bibs that will help keep your little drooler and messy eater nice and clean an dry. 

1. Super Baby Bib

He or she's your little superhero with or without the crime-fighting part. And though sleeping through the night may be his kryptonite, he can melt your heart with superhuman power. ($25 at Stitch)

2. Her Name on Seersucker

Seersucker, it’s not just for humid summer days or the Kentucky Derby anymore. In fact, it can be worn, year-round, on baby’s neck catching drool and other debris. AND, it can be personalized with baby’s name! Whew, aren’t you happy to get those fashion rules clear? ($13 at Dolly and George)

3. Peter Pan Collar

Now here’s a drool bib for a real lady. A pretty little Peter Pan Collar drool bib with a black velvet bow. This is for formal-event drool or afternoon tea drool. ($16 atChamomile and Roses)

4. Drooling at the Office

Does your baby spend a lot of time standing next to the water cooler at work? Then these bibs are calling his name. ($18.70 at Penny Beas)

5. Little Bento Baby

Put your future sushi eater in this fun bib covered in happy Japanese food. Nigiri never looked so cute. But, let’s face it, anything looks cute with your baby wearing it. Cotton in front, chenille in the back. ($9 at Chloe’s Closet Boutique)

6. Once Upon a Time

This sweet little bib by Pink Nounou comes printed with the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood. Not only does it look cute, but it also turns feeding time into story time. And hopefully, you’re familiar with this story, because you’ll have to do some ad-libbing as the bib gets covered with milk, drool, and other forms of baby mess. ($16.89 at PinkNouNou)

7. Organic Cotton Collie

Sure, this bib is made of soft, organic cotton, and that’s nice, but look at that little border collie just sitting on the bib. Simple and sweet. ($13 at Square Paisley Design)

8. I Mustache You For Some Milk

This bib dons a clever saying (looks like this mustache motif is here to stay), but it’s the pullover feature that pulls me in. Unless your baby is the Hulk, she is not pulling this thing off her neck, which means you’re not pulling your hair out. Sweeheet. ($10 at Casual Tee Co)

9. Burger Bib

Want something unbearably delicious? How about a baby– add pickles, tomatoes and cheese all on a sesame seed bun, and you’ll just have to eat her up. Also, can I go through the drive-thru to get my baby next time? That labor thing really hurt, man. ($23 at Stitch)

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com