Why You Are Losing More Muscle Than Fat


We all understand how unhealthy and dangerous excess fat can be to our bodies. It exposes you to several lifestyle conditions. Excess body fat can trigger type 2 diabetes. The chances of experiencing heart attacks are also high. Engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis can help eradicate excess fat in one's body. You can go to the gym and work out using the different training equipment or carry out simple exercises like jogging.

Some drugs or supplements can help aid weight loss by providing endurance during workouts and also act as fat burners. Anabolic steroids like the winstrol cure can be vital for your weight loss journey. When it comes to losing weight, your body breaks down fat and muscle tissue. Your body makes use of the fat and reduces muscle tissue breakdown. However, there might be a different case in some people who lose more muscle than fat. The following are some of the reasons why you are utilizing more muscle than fat in your weight loss journey.

Less Protein Consumption

One reason why you may be losing more muscle than fat is probably that you are not consuming enough proteins. Your protein needs usually go up when you minimize your calorie intake. It is therefore essential that you increase your protein intake to reduce the chances of losing more muscle when you are on a weight loss diet.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Being inactive when dieting might be another reason why you are losing more muscle than fat. Engaging in different forms of exercise when dieting will make you lose more fat in your weight loss journey. Failure to work out will see you become lean while you experience an increase of fat in your body.

Insufficient Eating After Workouts

Your body needs to recover in the best way possible after workouts. One of the best recovery processes you can undertake is eating. This will help repair the worn-out muscle tissues. Not eating after a thorough workout session will only see you lose a lot of muscle mass. Make sure you also consume the right meals.

Lack of Enough Rest

Lack of quality rest will also see you lose more muscle mass than fat. Your body needs to get quality rest to shed the extra pounds. Sleeping for the recommended number of hours will see you get quality rest. One should also create a good sleeping environment that will guarantee her or him quality rest. You are advised to sleep for 7 to 8 hours to lose weight effectively.

Reduced Calorie Consumption

Going slow on your calorie intake will help you shed extra body weight. However, you should check the number of calories you intend to reduce. Some people will reduce their consumption by too much, and this may affect their weight loss journey. You should understand that the muscles require more energy to keep your body going. Understand your body type to know the number of calories you will need in a day.