How Simba And Eve Are Changing The Mattress Market

Simba and Eve Matresses.png

With the onset of the virtual market marketplace, people have grown more aware than ever about the importance of enjoying a good night’s sleep for their overall health. Sleep deprivation has come to be the center of attention for professionals and the average individual equally.

The cause-effect connection between sleeping on a quality snoozing surface and getting enough quality sleep has become evident over the recent years. Simba and Eve are two of the names that are ruling today’s mattress industry as they advocate for quality and lengthy sleep.

Simba and Eve are high-grade products that provide complex solutions to prevent sleep deprivation, a serious issue that affects the quality of life of people worldwide. They offer an excellent blend of support and comfort to suit different body types and sleeping positions.


The Pioneering Eve Mattress and Its Features

•        Plush Feeling with Added Support

Eve is an all-foam mattress that delivers the rich sink-in feel of a foam mattress while providing the perfect amount of support that most foam mattresses cannot offer successfully.

Eve achieves this by using high-quality memory foam and cleverly engineered layers of foam. It takes memory foam technology to a whole new level changing the face of the mattress realm. 

•        Ideal Thermoregulation Capabilities

Unlike most memory-foam mattresses, Eve’s thermoregulation capabilities are amazing. The way the layers come together, the quality of the materials, the order of the layers, the density and thickness of the foam layers allow minimum heat retention and maximize airflow. Again, this is a pioneering feature that you will not find in many all-foam memory foam mattresses.

•        Minimum Off-Gassing

Eve is considered an innovative product in the sleeping arena as it deals exceptionally with an aspect that many people no longer tolerate: off-gassing. You can learn more about Eve mattress here!

Eve is CertiPUR-US®certified, which means it respects volatile emissions standards. The improved manufacturing process almost eliminates the smell released upon unboxing.


The Unique Simba Mattress and Its Exceptional Features

•        Quick Responsiveness and Great Bounciness

Unlike Eve, Simba is a hybrid mattress, which means that it brings to its users the best of the industry’s top three best-rated technologies: innerspring/micro-coils, latex, and memory foam.

Simba employs integrated micro-coils as a second layer, a transitional memory foam as the third layer, and a thick, high-density memory foam base in addition to the top layer made of latex.

Due to all these features, Simba responds quickly to pressure, contouring and supporting your body shape while delivering a high level of comfort via the latex top layer at the same time.

•        Excellent Edge Support from a Top-rated Hybrid Mattress

Simba scores very high on edge-support since it is a hybrid mattress and not an all-foam mattress. The coil technology used to produce Simba reduces compression when sitting near the sides, which no all-foam mattress can match, not even the innovative Eve mattress.

It is the combination of innerspring and memory-foam technology that enables Simba to rank so high in the edge-support chapter. For more info, see Eve and Simba compared side-by-side!

•        Medium Firmness Level in Both Variants

The medium firmness level of the Simba mattress addresses the needs of almost every sleeper, which makes this mattress an excellent choice for nearly everyone, except for those with exceptional sleeping needs due to certain medical conditions or other individual preferences.

Both the Hybrid and the Luxe versions of the Simba mattress deliver a medium-firm feel throughout that feels comfortable, yet stable. It responds quickly to body shape and weight relieving any pressure from your body. Simba offers great support, comfort, and pressure relief!


Simba and Eve are innovative mattresses that seek to redefine the mattress industry by promoting the use of safe, high-quality materials, as well as the best technologies available.

These two products demonstrate that one mattress can suit the needs of a majority of people, including temperature control, comfort, and support, edge support, or firmness, preferences. Reliable and durable, Simba and Eve appeal to a full spectrum of sleepers.