Four Free Day Trips For Your Family


So we all prioritise our finances differently, but when we have children, certain things are expected from us. When the children aren’t in school, for example, and you’ve already completed your Nanny search (if not find nannies on this website) for the new term ahead. We need to make sure they’re entertained. Trying to find some educational day trips, that doesn’t break the bank, and will keep the children entertained. Seems like the unicorn of the parenting world. But here are a few ideas to get you started this half term. Are there any more that you would usually add? We all have our own traditions, and some of these may be a new one for you and your family.


This one seems very obvious and may have been done a million times before. But a picnic is always enjoyed by the children. And the whole family alike. If you pack a few sandwiches, some tasty treats, maybe even some home-made bakes and some fresh drinks. You’ve got the makings of a lovely afternoon out for everybody. Make sure that everybody’s favourite is packed. And there’s plenty of food for everyone. And then you have one of the best childhood memories that you can create. Depending on where you live in the world. This option can either be taken in a local park, a field with a fantastic view, or even the seaside. Whichever place you decide on, it’s sure to be a memorable one. Whichever location you decide on it’s sure to be a memorable one.


So getting the kids active and walking, is an essential part of keeping children healthy, but they get bored pretty quickly. So why not find a local track, public walk, or even a mountain to climb? Get them some comfortable shoes, plenty of snacks and drinks and get walking. You can also combine this one with our previous suggestion of a picnic. But it would be best if you have a picnic at the beginning, so you aren’t carrying lots of food on your hike.


Meeting with friends during school breaks, it’s one of the things that children have to do the most. It doesn’t have to be a fantastic day out, it can be just a quick meet at the park or playground I’m playing a reasonable old-fashioned gamer tag. This usually gives the parents, and it’s a bit of a break too since there are playing together. You can then catch up with your parents and enjoy the beautiful weather too. If the weather isn’t particularly great, you also have the option of inviting his friends over for a play date at your house too.


Everybody loves the shore, regardless of whether you’re going to be finding sand for weeks afterwards or not, everyone loves going to the seaside getting ice cream and making sure you build some sandcastles. Obviously, it depends how far away from the beach you are, but if it’s a little journey and you are looking for an outdoor activity for your children, that won’t be too expensive a beach is a great option for you. Just remember to bring some towels and sunscreen with you if it’s hot.